“Nikita” Finds SEXIEST Way Ever To Help Fight Cancer!

“Nikita” Finds SEXIEST Way Ever To Help Fight Cancer!

Peta Wilson rose to fame as the sexiest spy on TV. She portrayed the title character on the show “La Femme Nikita” from 1997-2001.

During the show’s 5 seasons viewers fell in love with the sultry tough girl. She kicked serious butt and rocked serious fashion. Now, she is continuing both off screen.

Peta as TV's sexiest spy, Nikita.

Peta as TV’s sexiest spy, Nikita.

Instead of bad guys, Peta is taking up the fight against cancer. She is using the sexiest tactic possible to do so: lingerie.

Peta is the owner of Wylie Wilson. Based out of Venice California, it is a lingerie shop that deals exclusively in their own designs. And amazing designs they are. Not only in their beauty, but also in their benevolence.

For every Wylie bra purchased, a bra is donated to a woman fighting breast cancer. “It’s simple,” Peta explains. “It’s our right as women, no matter what size or in what state of health, to feel good about ourselves. Women’s sexuality doesn’t diminish when facing the various challenges that breast cancer presents. Women are strong, intelligent and brave; that’s what I want to express with the Wylie brand.”

Her company has teamed up with Dr. Joel A. Aronowitz, leader of the Breast Preservation Foundation, and former Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Each piece of lingerie can be custom fit to an individual shape and size. Wylie bras provide perfect support without having to use metal wiring. This makes them ideal for post-operative breast cancer survivors. (Not to mention every other woman on the planet.)

Small glimpse into Wylie Wilson

Small glimpse into Wylie Wilson

Peta’s products aren’t just practical panties, though those are available. She offers a variety of the sexiest styles and fabrics a girl could hope for. Wylie Wilson sells items ranging from bras and panties to swimwear and tanks. Everything is designed to merge comfort and beauty. This is where sensible meets sexy.

If anyone knows how to combine fight with femininity, it’s Peta Wilson. With this, she is helping women all over the world learn to, as well.

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