GQ Magazine Threatens Violence Against Pat Smith, Makes HORRIFIC Comment About Her Son’s Death!

Sean Smith was a hero who died in Benghazi while he was defending innocent people. His mother, Pat Smith, has been suffering since his death and has been brave enough to share her situation with the world.

This week, Pat spoke at the Republican National convention and gave one of the most heartfelt and moving speeches you will ever hear. She personally blamed Hillary Clinton for the death of her son and with good reason. Sean Smith even told his mother before the attack in Benghazi that he was going to die. He said that if we are attacked, we don’t have the security we need to defend ourselves. Hillary Clinton was the reason for the lack of security. Hillary is also the reason why, when they were attacked, NO ONE came to help.

The editor of GQ magazine, Jim Nelson, watched Pat Smith’s speech and instead of understanding a mother’s grief, he chose to threaten her with violence . On twitter he wrote,



We all understand that liberals have no class, but this one just goes way too far. You don’t have to agree with Pat Smith and you don’t even have to believe her, but to fantasize about physically attacking a woman and make such a disgusting comment about someone who died for this county is unforgivable. Jim Nelson NEEDS to be fired for this.

Nelson came out with a half ass apology, but that is not enough.



I’m asking that every person who reads this article contact GQ and DEMAND the termination of Jim Nelson. Violence against women should be taken seriously and GQ has a responsibility to show that it is!

To contact GQ by letter or email:

GQ Public Relations

1 World Trade Center

28th Floor
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[email protected]


To call New York Office Phone: (212) 286-2860

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