MUST WATCH: The Most POWERFUL 5 Minutes Of Trump’s Campaign

Every time Donald Trump gives a speech, the breadth and depth of his knowledge and understanding of the American situation is astounding.  He cuts to the chase and gives the people a clear-headed, plainly spoken version of reality that puts all the Ivy League wordsmiths’ teeth on edge.

In one recent speech, all it took was five minutes.  Five minutes to lay out the reality of what the people in charge of the nation are up to.  Five minutes to cheerlead the American people who feel powerless against that tag team.  The people at #TrumpTheEstablishment put his words against the images that all of us who follow politics away from CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS know.  The results speak for themselves.

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Remember, the world of power and influence is the one from which Donald Trump comes.  The system is that which he had to navigate in order to make his fortune.  He knows what has been done to the United States.  He watched as the American people started the descent into poverty.  He recognizes that “free trade” is inherently anti-American when every other country has prohibitively high tariffs on American goods and we have none on theirs.  He knows that unnecessary wars are prohibitively expensive, especially when we are fighting just to have a war going on.  He gets the concept that regulation strangles the small business owner.

All of the things that Republicans over the years have talked about, but have done nothing to change come out in his messaging – and word is getting out despite the mainstream media’s manipulation of Trump’s rally optics.  This is a man who is believably for the people, not against them.  And when he says that only the American people can change the corruption, we just want to believe him.

Michael Moore is correct.  The American people are about to give a gigantic middle finger to the establishment.  Can’t say they haven’t been warned.

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