Mosby Tried To Sacrifice 6 Cops For Her Career


On Wednesday Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby dropped all charges against the six Baltimore Police officers she had so hastily indicted in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray. What she may have perceived as her chance to become famous is now appearing as having a real potential to make her infamous. She may even be committing crimes in her effort to cover things up.

As it turns out leaked test messages have surface between a Mosby deputy and a lead investigator in the Baltimore Police Department. Lead Detective Danyell Taylor has text messages and a hand written note stating that prosecutors intended to proceed against the officers regardless of what the investigation indicated. You can’t let a little thing like innocence of the suspect get in the way of her O.J. opportunity.

Taylor goes on to say that she was given a narrative to read to the grand jury that was misleading and in conflict with the truth. She told the Baltimore Sun, “As I read over the narrative it had several things that I found to be inconsistent with our investigation and I thought the statements in the narrative were misquoted.”

Taylor said that she was cut off when the grand jury asked questions, that they intervened with the official version rather than allowing her to speak. In that regard she wrote, “Because they did not intend for me to answer any questions because all of my answers would obviously conflict with what I had just read to them.”

Mosby now claims the case notes were written after the fact, to undermine the prosecution’s case. She made several accusations in her statement to the press. She lashed out at “lead detectives that were completely uncooperative and started a counter investigation to disprove the state’s case by not executing search warrants pertaining to text messages among the police officers involved in the case, creating videos to disprove the state’s case without our knowledge.”  All of those seem like legitimate actions in the whistleblower model of doing what one believes is right.

Mosby then alleges potentially criminal wrongdoing against the investigators, saying, “Creating notes that were drafted after the case was launched.” It’s unfortunate for Mosby that the investigator took the additional step of sending a time-stamped text message that mirrored her written statement which said, “I did not feel comfortable reading that script before we discussed it and I swore to it. I’m fine with finding the facts but between us I believe we omitted key things from their combined statements.” The Deputy State’s Attorney on the receiving end replied cryptically, “Understood and you skipped parts of it.” Following that exchange the Deputy State’s Attorney tried unsuccessfully to have Taylor removed from the case.

Law Professor John Banzhaf joins Kelly for a discussion and his perspective.

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