Michelle Fields Already Sued For Slander By Lindsay Lohan and Mother


Michelle Fields might want to leave well enough alone now that the Trump campaign is willing to let her reckless bygones be bygones. She clearly fabricated her accusations against Trump Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and from the reviewing the video, may well have falsified her claims of injury as well. In some of the video it appears that Mr. Lewandowski grabbed Fields by the jacket, at her shoulder, nowhere near the forearm where she later supposedly produced evidence of an injury in the form of bruises.

Not only has Fields made similar types of accusations against Col Allen West, Mark Dice and the NYPD, Dice has also brought to light another instance in which Fields made a claim on the Sean Hannity program that Lindsay Lohan’s mother had snorted cocaine with her famous daughter. Fields got Hannity dragged into the lawsuit as a co-defendant because the alleged defamation took place on his show. When he says on-air that he knows Ms Fields, he’ not kidding. When he says he likes her, he might be.

Mark Dice says of the Fields cocaine assertion, “The case was eventually thrown out, but this is just another example of how Michelle Fields’ mouth and her false statements and exaggerations and playing fast and loose with the truth continue to get her and others into trouble.”

He asks whether Fields, already sued once for defamation, will she be sued again. He believes that clearly she should be, having permanently and irreparably tarnished the good name and reputation of Mr. Lewandowski. The opportunistic parasite would do well to just count her blessings and walk away. But is she smart enough to do that?

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