Marines Open Letter To Obama!!! You Never Cried For Chattanooga? You Get No Respect From Us…

Marines Open Letter To Obama!!! You Never Cried For Chattanooga? You Get No Respect From Us…


image               Mr. Obama, you are surrounded by those who only say things you wish to hear. Your tears were nothing more than a creation to justify political agenda. Your advisors should remind you of the things our people cry about. On Sept. 25, 2014 Colleen Hufford, a 54-year-old grandmother and worker at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Okla., was murdered [with a kitchen knife,] by an Islamic terrorist. She was beheaded for not converting to Islam and we never witnessed a tear from your eyes. On July 16, 2015 five Americans were killed by an Islamic terrorist Mohammad Abdulazeez and again followed by no tears. This country mourned and I had to go on Fox to ask this country to lower their flags.                         image

You insult the memory of those children who died at Sandy Hook with your fake tears. If you truly care about children, why must my brothers ignore the screams of little boys. Those little boys being raped in the night, because you say it’s the culture in which they live. It’s not in the culture of Marines to allow harm to another man’s child. It’s not in the American culture to allow men to beat their wives. Your friend hides behind the costume of a reverend, chanting death to all cops. We mourn for our police, while your reverend influenced their death. The American people live by the Constitution, which you and I have sworn to protect. Your tears do not justify, nor give you the right to make your own laws through executive action. If we wanted a dictator, the descendants of King George would still control this land. I wrote your wife a letter and told her just what I have said to you.

If you don’t like the Constitution, you are free to resign and take a one-way trip out. Our forefathers gave their lives defending the Constitution. Your tears will never erase that. Your lies got you elected, but your actions have lost our respect. I pray that one day you and the rest of Washington remember that God gave you ears to listen, and the people a voice to be heard. I pray for you daily that you might find joy in another country, so you no longer bring misery to ours. God bless you sir, I pray you start doing your job, Shep #Marine4Truth.                                                      image


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After graduating high school I served nine years in the Marines. My loyalty is to God, country, family in that order. I am not your typical writer. I am just a Marine with an opinion. What I write is my opinion and not persuaded by anyone else. My love for this country runs deep, and I have sworn an oath to protect it. I don't care what color of skin, the church you attend, or your lifestyle choices. You are all loved by God, important to God, and each important to this country... Semper Fi, Shep...You can follow me on twitter @mshep08_mike or #Marine4Truth

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