World Leader Endorses Donald Trump for Security Plans

Orban endorses Donald Trump for his stand on security measures

Saturday one world leader said Donald Trump had proposed security policies that Europe should take to heart to solve a security crisis he blames on uncontrolled immigration. The statement was made by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who has recently been receiving criticism from Liberal European leaders for his tough stance on Muslim Invaders.

Speaking at a summer university in Baile Tusnad, Romania, the Hungarian leader tied increased security threats to the increase in Muslim Invaders and cited Trump’s proposals at the Republican National Convention to combat terrorism. Orban is one of Europe’s most outspoken politicians and has in the past upset fellow members of the European Union over policy.


Orban endorses Donald Trump for his stand on security measures

Orban endorses Donald Trump for his stand on security measures

Most recently he has taken a tough stance on Europe’s Muslim crisis, objecting to EU resettlement plans and calling for a razor wire fence to be built along his country’s southern border. Unlike liberals both in Europe and the United States, Orban believes that good borders make for good neighbors.

Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president on Thursday with a speech that most of the Left has called hateful and full of Doom, but in fact it outlined an increased intelligence effort, an end to a “failed policy of nation-building and regime change” and a total suspension of immigration from states “compromised by terrorism, ” something that most Americans agree are steps that need to be taken to secure our borders.

Trump promised He would build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. Just like Orban who has sought to buttress his own security proposals with Trump’s points. “I am not a Donald Trump campaigner,” he said in the televised speech. “I never thought I would ever entertain the thought that, of the open options, Donald Trump would be better for Europe and for Hungary. But I listened to the candidate and I must tell you he made three proposals to combat terrorism. And as a European I could have hardly articulated better what Europe needs.”

Orban has accused the EU of weakness in the face of what he sees as a fundamental threat from more than a million Muslims who arrived on the continent last year, with hundreds of thousands following them this year. Most claim they are fleeing the war in Syria. But imbedded within their ranks are large numbers of both ISIS fighters and supporters that are now conducting terrorist attacks and inspiring others to do likewise.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has called Orban “Viktator” – a pun on Viktor and dictator – as a way of putting down the Hungarian’s views. But Orban also has supporters. Slovak premier Robert Fico, joined Orban’s court challenge of the EU’s mandatory migrant resettlement quotas. Those quotas have in fact been set by the United Nations which has totally usurped member states sovereignty on the issue.

Tapping into the Donald Trump proposals to create “the best intelligence-gathering organization in the world,” Orban said that Europe too needs to create a network of national intelligence agencies that ranks with the world’s best. He then took aim at some of his EU colleagues. “The second thing, said this valiant American presidential candidate, is to abandon the policy of exporting democracy. I could not have said it more precisely.” You cannot give someone democracy, it is something that must be earned to be worth having. Blood must be shed and people must have what they consider to be a collateral investment in the process for freedom to work.

Orban said Western countries acted recklessly to remove the undemocratic but stable regimes in Libya, Syria and Iraq without guaranteeing stability in the aftermath, exposing Europe to a mass wave of migration. Worse, he said, instead of supporting the regimes that try to control the civil-war-torn countries in North Africa and the Middle East, Europe criticizes them for democratic shortfalls.

“If we keep prioritizing democracy over stability in regions where we are unlikely to succeed with that, we will create instability, not democracy.”

Reuters News Service contributed to this report.

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