LATEST MSM FAIL: Ryan Lochte’s First Story Was Mostly True

Last week this writer got into an argument with a liberal friend who was convinced that Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte displayed entirely too much “white male privilege” when the world thought his story about being robbed in Rio at gunpoint was fabricated.  Former swimmer that this writer is, kind of shrugged and said, spoiled rotten swimmers.  USA Swimming will handle them.  (Since this friend is a class warrior, I didn’t bother to bring up that swimmers tend to come from money, and Lochte is no exception even if he’s not as bright as most of the rest of them.  It’s not a cheap sport.)  That didn’t sit well with the people who have no clue what sort of a hold sports organizations have over the athletes.

As a result of the story put out by the Rio/Brazilian authorities – that the whole thing was made up and they had the video to prove it – Lochte has lost a number of sponsorships with swimming related companies, more than one of his teammates had to pay exorbitant “fines” (it was a bribe), and at least one came out with a story against Lochte that now needs to be questioned.

Well, as sports journalists who are doing their jobs the way the rest of the media should be doing when it comes to Hillary’s health, and bogus poll numbers are now proving, the Brazilian government did its fair share of making things up.

First, USA Today reported that the video released by Brazilian authorities did not show any vandalism to the rest room at the gas station nor did the USA Today reporters find any evidence of it when they went to check out the story.

Then, a Fox News investigation demonstrated that the video released from the security cameras was tampered with.  Three critical minutes are missing when a security guard was talking to the group while they were inside a cab.  It is what happened in those three minutes that is now being clarified by an eyewitness who, incidentally, is already changing his story from what is below.

People is now reporting that a bi-lingual witness who helped bridge the Portuguese-English language barrier between the swimmers and the security guard, is actually backing the original story from the swimmers with the caveat that they were “altered” by either drugs or alcohol.

Fernando Deluz, a bilingual Brazilian witness, explained to the publication that he intervened after one of the Rio guards pulled a gun on the Americans.

“As soon as they drew their weapon, that’s when I got worried,” Deluz explained to USA TODAY Sports. “It was also so fast, and what I wanted was to resolve the situation.”

Deluz, who talked to police days following the incident, added: “If it hadn’t been for wanting to resolve that, if I hadn’t involved myself, I thought – the police chief told me, ‘Man, if you hadn’t gone there in that moment, a tragedy could have occurred.’”

One commenter at The Gateway Pundit claims this is a common scheme in some countries:

those of us who grew up in San diego know this scam very well. Tijuana Rio both the same recipe…… The bars with girls are on the outskirts so you take a taxi. The taxi the girls the bartender and the cops are a crime triangle. Works like this… A drunk gringo well known or flaunting money is a target. The girls get you drunk. The bartender alerts the taxi guy…the taxi alerts the criminals ..The Cops….. same…… Just happen to be waiting at the gas station where the taxi pulls over. Bathroom is locked so you pee outside… Bingo that’s a 40 dollar fine… If you resist they beat you or pull guns.. They make you sit till your scared and pay up. It’s robbery….

Whether or not that was the exact scenario is clarifying by the day.  When it comes down to it, though, corrupt officials in a country even more corrupt than ours ruined four men’s names with the help of the mainstream media.  The original account of being robbed at gunpoint was exaggerated, and left out details, but it wasn’t wrong.

So, now that the world thinks that this incident just demonstrates to the world what ugly people we Americans can be, swimmers in particular, will Ryan Lochte and his teammates get an apology or any sort of reparations for the material damage to their reputations?  What about the loss of sponsorship dollars?  It’s only fair for people who were smeared.  From yet another commenter at Gateway Pundit:

I’ve said it before I think on this site, but I had the pleasure of interacting with Lochte at our swim club’s Arena Grand Prix while I volunteered two years in a row, and I found him to be sweet, humble, engaging, and willing, eager in fact, to interact with anyone who came up to him…moms, dads, kids, press, anyone. He was completely respectful of everyone and all the rules and yes, he’s not a nuclear physicist, more like a surfer dude, but just the nicest guy. He is NOT even CLOSE to the bratty frat boy they tried to portray him as.

Of course, that was at a meet where everybody actually behaves.  (After hours is another story.) Still, a whole lot of people owe the man an apology.  Including me.


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