“KKK Member With Whip” Terrifies Indiana College Students- Why Are People Laughing?

“KKK Member With Whip” Terrifies Indiana College Students

Monday night at Indiana University, the unbelievable happened. A KKK member, armed with a whip, caused a small panic on campus.

At least that’s what some of the students thought happened.

One young woman even took it upon herself to upbraid the school for its lack of action related to the incident.

Word of this intimidating menace spread quickly, thanks to the speed of digital communication.

The response from IU officials may surprise you. In point of fact, the administration at Indiana University chose not to respond at all.

Monk mistaken for KKK member

Monk mistaken for KKK member

This was because the man in the “KKK hood” was actually a Catholic monk. His “whip” was the rosary he keeps at his waist.

Father Jude McPeak is part of the Dominican Order. The habit he wears consists of a white tunic, scapular, and capuce, a leather belt and a rosary.

As to his ominous reason for being on campus, Father Jude explained. “I help run a men’s group that meets in the Wright formal lounge Monday nights.”

He has actually been an active participant in the Bloomington community for some time. Two years ago when he became an ordained priest, he was sent to work at St. Paul’s, just a short distance from the college.

Unaware of the ruckus his appearance was causing, McPeak went with the students from his group to a local eatery called the Red Mango.

While there, he was approached by a black student who had received an alert about the incident. The student asked him if he was a Klansman. McPeak was able to set things straight with the young person.

It wasn’t until the next day that the monk had any idea just how big a deal his presence had become.

He has been a pretty good sport about the whole event. “I thought it was kind of funny,” Father Jude stated. “A lot of my friends have been teasing me. It’s been humbling.”

Ever forgiving, he even said that he “could see how from afar” the rosary beads could have been confused with a whip.

IU- Bloomington is the largest college in the state of Indiana. It’s good to know that they are enrolling some of the best and brightest.

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