Just How Much Money Was Wasted Trying To Stop Trump

The Citizens United ruling didn’t work out for the establishment billionaires. Whoever thought that spending more money in politics gets any one candidate elected didn’t count on a Donald Trump nomination.  In 2016, the competing campaigns have outspent him and his shoe-string campaign three times over, and still he has managed to get past them all.  Per MSN:

Outside organizations, which can support or oppose a presidential hopeful without coordinating with a candidate or party, have spent $43.3 million against Trump, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. That compares with $13.3 million in spending by outside groups supporting Trump.

Or as CNBC put it in visual form:

CNBC cash spent to defeat trump

That’s a lot of dough to waste on trying to rid the 2016 campaign of one pesky billionaire who took advantage of all the offered free time from the news networks.  (Note to Ted Cruz: it’s not a good idea to turn down standing invitations to appear on various shows and then complain about not getting media coverage.)

What is worth remembering, though, is that this is just OUTSIDE money, SuperPAC cash, spent by people who don’t really want the rest of us to know that they are using their checkbooks to influence who gets into office.  What have the candidates themselves actually spent?

[Trump’s] campaign committee spent $46.3 million through the end of March, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The bulk of its funding, roughly $36 million, came in loans from Trump himself, while $12 million was contributed.

Cruz’s campaign committee spent nearly $70 million through the end of March, while outside groups supporting him chipped in more than $42 million.

Note that those numbers do not include the push in Indiana, or what was spent in the Northeast where Donald Trump swept multiple states, and, thus, convention delegates for his collection.  Those numbers are bound to be headed our way in the next few weeks.

So, how much money was wasted getting trying to rid the American political scene of Donald Trump?  A lot.  All of it down a rathole…well, at least the people creating the material and the people selling airtime got some compensation, and can feed, shelter and clothe themselves for at least another month.

More at MSN.

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