Judge Jeanine – Words Or Action, Lies or Truth, Clinton or Trump


Judge Jeanine points out that now that there are a mere 38 days left until the election. Things are down to a “battle of political corruption versus truth; where one candidate chooses political correctness, the other brave enough to state the obvious.” She notes that the perfectly filtered words of Hillary Clinton are just sweet-sounding lies.

Pirro points to the current social unrest fomented by Obama, including a death toll in Chicago that rivals the American casualties in the Iraq war. Now there is the added consideration of terrorism added into the mix, thanks to open borders Jeh Johnson. Judge Jeanine notes that one candidate sees the turmoil while the other prefers to pretend “everything is great and life is beautiful, and prefers to talk about name-calling and the implicit bias that we have.”

Judge Jeanine points to the Clinton name calling of Trump supporters as deplorable along with five or six other uncomplimentary labels and her determination that “we are not America. Who then is America, Hillary?,” Judge Jeanine asks. “The people you’re bringing in from other parts of the world? But no, you’re worried about Donald Trump’s name calling twenty years ago.”

Jeanine tells her audience, “Now you ask yourselves, folks, what’s that got to do with anything? And you compare that to a Secretary of State who lies to us over and over, plays fast and loose with our nation’s highest secrets, drones and satellite locations for which others not so powerful and connected are prosecuted.”

“What’s more offensive,” she asks, “words or actions? A woman who ensures no one finds out what’s going on in our State Department, who along with her cabal are wheeling and dealing between the State Department and her so-called charitable foundation. And when caught, evidence is destroyed with hammers and Bleachbit. A woman who runs the State Department like a private piggy bank, missing $6 billion during her tenure.”

Judge Jeanine makes many comparisons which reflect poorly upon the criminal former Secretary of State, including her own defense in her initial case as an attorney of a child rapist and of defending her serial rapist husband. She points out Clinton’s harassment, intimidation, degradation and aggression against the victims of her husband’s sexual deviance. “She’s gaming you folks,” Judge Jeanine observes. She includes the negative impact her toxic criminal corruption has had in damaging the reputation of the FBI.

She asks her audience what’s more important, political correctness or the truth.


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