Judge Jeanine Talks To Long-Time Female Trump Employee, Gets The Scoop On What He Expects

For months now, a good number of the #NeverTrump crowd grasped Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s question to Donald Trump at the first Republican presidential debate about how he treats women, and the things he says about them with both hands and have used it as PROOF that The Donald HATES women.  Or only likes the pretty ones.  Or something.

Well, hardly anyone actually ASKED the women who work for Mr. Trump what it is like to actually work for him, and what his expectations are in the workplace. One of the other Fox News women, Judge Jeanine Pirro, actually had a staff member of the Donald’s on her show.  Her name is Lili Amini, and she is the manager at Trump’s National Golf Club, which is the golf facility he owns in California.  (Managing a golf club is not as easy a job as it sounds. It’s up there with hotel and event management rolled into one.)

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“I only realize that I’m a woman running one of his businesses when somebody brings it up.”

That, along with sticking to one employer for eleven years, and being allowed to work one’s way up a ladder regardless of who the employer is, is extraordinary in modern America.  It just doesn’t happen anymore.

“It’s always about the fact that he wants leaders.”  And that is the secret to Trump’s success.  He can sniff out a hard working leader with a single conversation.  That is a gift.  Contrary to the beliefs of a good many who are bemoaning a Hillary presidency even with Trump ahead in the national polls, it also takes brains.

It is very much time to face the reality that perhaps Donald Trump is not at all what he has been painted to be in the mainstream media and among the “conservative” punditry who have no idea what is beyond the beltway.  Ms. Amini is not the only woman to volunteer her story on working for Trump to members of the national media, and she undoubtedly will not be the last.  No, Donald Trump is not perfect, but as he puts it, he owns the downside.  He admits his mistakes, and does not hide them.

In American politics, THAT, is not ordinary, either.

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