Judge Jeanine Pirro – Crooked, Disliked Hillary Clinton Won’t Get A November Win


After pointing out that that Bush establishment candidate, Ted Cruz, was able to manipulate 14 delegates his way, with the people of Wyoming having never been given the opportunity to vote themselves, Judge Jeanine moved on to the race in which votes of the people do matter.

She leads off her opening statement with one of her favorite targets, Hillary Clinton, noting that the primary results are indicating that there is a real possibility that she may not be the candidate of the Democrats for 2016. The 74 year old socialist might be too much for her and if she were successful in wresting the nomination for herself and her super delegates, she would still stand a very good chance of failing in November.

She notes how the Bernie beatings are taking their toll, how despite being an obscure Senator with no accomplishments to show for his 29 year tenure in the Senate, the “lovely guy” socialist is killing her. Judge Pirro hints that it just may be the sincerity of the communist versus the dishonesty of Clinton that is making the difference. As bad as the Sanders positions are he does project sincerity in his commitment to them.

Judge Jeanine characterizes Clinton as being willing to do anything to get elected, an exposes her recent betrayal of her own husband, Bill. Pirro says that upon the strength of the rigged system bolstering her with super delegates, Clinton could get the nomination. Beyond that, whether or not she’d be able to win the presidency, Pirro doesn’t think so and tells us why.

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