IT’S ON! Black Lives Matter Leader Issues a Violent Threat to White People if Trump Wins


The Black Lives Matter hate group has officially spoken. They aren’t even trying to hide their racism anymore and their leader just proved that.

Black lives Matter spokesmen, Tef Poe has always been the voice of the bigoted group. In November 2014, Poe was even  flown to the United Nations offices in Geneva, Switzerland to speak about “police violence”. Funny, now that very same person is now inciting a race riot.

Poe took to Twitter yesterday to share his intentions if Republican candidate Donald Trump wins the election :

“Dear White People if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.”


tef poe 2


Poe also claims that black people have “been too nice” and that will be ending as well.


“Trump wins ain’t no more rules fammo. We’ve been to nice as is.”

tef poe3


Do you realize the  audacity it takes to openly spew such hypocrisy? This “leader”  actually went to the United Nations to preach about violence in the black community at the hands of white people, and now he is telling the black community to commit violence against white people!

Tef Poe is also the same person who wrote several racist songs about what happened in Ferguson. In one of the songs Poe calls Captain Ron Johnson of the state highway patrol a “house nigger” because he is a black police officer.

Last week, Donald Trump was under fire from a police department for “inciting a riot” at his rallies.  On Monday, a North Carolina radio station tweeted that “Cumberland authorities consider charging Trump with inciting violence at Fayetteville rally.” Even though Trump has NEVER said anything to incite violence.

The fact is, these paid protesters from black lives matter and other liberal hate groups are actually breaking the law when they crash Trump rallies. It’s illegal to protest in any vicinity or area that is used for government business or official assembly that is under the protection of the Secret Service.

Federal law HR347 states:

“When the federal law on trespass was quietly amended—it is a crime, punishable by up to a year in prison, to “knowingly impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions” in locations guarded by the Secret Service, including places where individuals under Secret Service protection are temporarily located”


We have yet to see a single protester be charged for breaking this Federal law, and I have no doubt that Tef Poe will get away with making such racist threats to white people everywhere.




(H/T) Gateway Pundit