Iowa Is Over – The ESTABLISHMENT Goes Down

Iowa over

It is the morning after the Iowa caucuses, and some of us are marveling at the fascination of the political wonks with a state that has no major league sports, and hosts a series of events that required no photo ID (or proof of citizenship) to attend populated mostly by people who demand to be courted and wooed who then “vote” for the person their friends and families have convinced them they should after they’ve been glad handed.

This is a friggin’ election?  This writer lives in the land of the moonbats where we are coming up on yard sign season and we still have to all do our homework on why the mayor is being recalled.  There’s no rallies for that.

Let’s face it, the only reasons the Iowa caucuses are important in presidential elections is that they voted themselves to be the first of the states to hold nomination selection tallies, and it serves as a weed out symposium for the people who are trailing badly enough that they can’t raise enough cash to stay in the race.  On the latter point, Iowa is most useful (and did claim two scalps last night).  Well, and it gives the wags something new to talk about, and analyze without actually having to leave the television studio.

The 2016 edition, we’ve been told by the talking heads who are obsessed with politics and follow it like my father does college football, is all about the year of the outsider.  The big issue was could Donald Trump hold on to his poll lead with no hands on courting of the electorate (known as the ground game) when Ted Cruz was actively going after the people most likely to be enticed by hard right “conservatism”: the evangelical Christians who eschew all things urban.  The short answer was no.  The long answer is…it’s Iowa.  Heck, the Democrats flipped coins to decide some precincts for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Now that it’s over, a whole lot of ink and bandwidth is going to be spilled on the impending demise of Donald Trump, the rise of Marco Rubio, and can Ted Cruz hold his lead.  This might sell a lot of papers, and get tons of clicks, but the truth is that those headlines miss the larger point: Americans are beginning the revolt against the political class that have put us in the not so free and economically crippled position by voting against them – even in Iowa.

We talk about keeping our powder dry and being preppers, but the reality is that the vast majority of Americans understand the way to effect change is to vote out the problems from government.  (It may not work, but let’s give it a shot anyway.)  Yes, Ted Cruz “won” Iowa, but really, the establishment lost.  On the Republican side, the top four candidates – all of whom are considered “outsiders” – got 84% of the votes.  That total is not surmountable by even adding together all the “establishment” candidates’ vote totals.  It just isn’t.  On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton was close to being dethroned.  Given the circumstances, that is in effect a victory for Bernie Sanders.

And there are still the accusations of cheating out there.  (Happens every election, especially when photo IDs and evidence chains to safeguard ballots are not required.)

So, what did a night spent camped in front of the TV watching “returns” because the National Hockey League was still on the All-Star Break achieve?  Not a darn thing.  Donald Trump is still the front runner in the Republican race.  Hillary Clinton is still in a precarious position of her own making.  The Republican big-wig donors are going to rally behind Marco Rubio.  And, young, idealistc people in college are falling for the siren’s call that is Bernie Sanders style socialism.

Nothing has changed.  We do, however, wish Governors Martin O’Malley and Mike Huckabee well in their future endeavors.

Oh, and the groundhog says an early spring.  (I’ll believe it when I see it.  The woolly worm caterpillars were wrong this year.)

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