Influence Peddling To Clinton For The Saudis – $140,000 Month Is Peanuts


For a fat cat political hustler like Hillary Clinton who’s used to getting paid $250,000 to screech, cackle and condescend for an hour, it may not seem like much money. But for the average American the thought of making $140,000 per month, which equates to $1.68 million per year, seems like some pretty good money.  What does one have to do to get hooked up with a deal like that? Does everybody associated with the Clintons have that kind of pay day?

According to the Washington Post, it’s more a matter of being hooked up with the Saudis, or more correctly, between the Saudis and the Clintons. A position occupied by the brother of her campaign manager and Obama insider, John Podesta. He’s rewarded handsomely for his access and influence, as one of those lobbyists Clinton and the political class utilize and embrace while pretending to loathe.

The Saudi government and its affiliates have spent millions of dollars on U.S. law, lobby and public relations firms to raise the country’s visibility in the United States and before the United Nations at a crucial time.

An assortment of “premier law and lobby firms – the Podesta Group, BGR Government Affairs, DLA Piper and Pillsbury Winthrop — were hired in 2015 by the Saudis to provide a PR boost and enhance their relationship with government officials, business leaders and media big wigs in Washington DC. Purchasing access and influences is often the equivalent of purchasing favorable policy.

It’s the kind of arrangement Muammar Gaddafi should, in retrospect, been working on cultivating with Hillary Clinton.

Josh Stewart, a spokesman for the Sunlight Foundation, which tracks money and influence purchasing in politics, said, “Saudi Arabia is consistently one of the bigger players when it comes to foreign influence in Washington. That spans both what you’d call the inside game, which is lobbying and government relations, and the outside game, which is PR and other things that tend to reach a broader audience than just lobbying.”

Reportedly, the Saudis and “their affiliates,” have contracted high-profile lobbyists to help bolster their image and protect their interests in Washington. Such favors come at a high price.

The way it is described by the Washington Post is, “Having an array of people representing the country in Washington helps Saudi Arabia keep the focus on what a great ally it is in the Middle East, not on issues like what women are and aren’t allowed to do there,” said Viveca Novak, editorial and communications director at the government watchdog group Center for Responsive Politics. “Typically a country like this will hire Democrats and Republicans, to make sure it has a broad reach, and will include people who used to work for key committees or agencies — sometimes even former members of Congress.”

So for a price, officials in both parties will look the other way on whatever the issue happens to be. Of course no cash changes hands beyond the lobbyist, we are to believe, only the lobbyist is well paid. The politician is a schmuck who does valuable favors for nothing, content in the knowledge that their friends are getting filthy rich.

As an example, the lobby firm Podesta Group has an ongoing contract with the Center for Studies and Media Affairs at the Saudi Royal Court, a government entity, for $140,000 monthly, or $1.68 million by the end of 2016.  Tony Podesta, who founded the firm, is a top Democratic lobbyist and major contributor to Hillary Clinton. He’s working personally on the matter. The seediness is represented in both parties, with good old boy Jeb Bush’s longtime consultant and adviser Kim Frits being listed on the contract as well.

BGR Government Affairs, the lobby firm founded by Ed Rogers and former Mississippi governor and Republican National Committee Chair Haley Barbour, was hired by the Center for Studies and Media Affairs in 2015 to “provide public relations and media management services” for a $500,000 fee.

Additionally, the law firm DLA Piper was chosen in 2015 for a nine month contract to “assist the Embassy in strengthening the ability of the United States and Saudi Arabia to advance mutual national security interests.” The work is listed as receiving a $50,000 monthly retainer, or a combined $450,000.

There’s a lot of money floating rather loosely around the Clinton sphere of influence. It certainly looks like dirty money paid to corrupt politicians for favors, particularly those close to Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama. They’re already trying to take America down. It’s logical that they might try to profit off of their corruption in any manner possible.


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