Hope Your Child Wasn’t In This Little League, Coach Turns Out To Be A Monster!

Hope Your Child Wasn't In This Little League, Coach Turns Out To Be A Monster!

Defuniak Springs, FL is a quaint small town with a treasure of Floridian History with in it.  What happened today has ruined the image of the nostalgic area.  The news turned the sunshine town into a darkest nightmare ever imagined in the hearts and minds of all DeFuniak Springs residents.

Imagine being on social media and a person was trying to solicit you to have sex with them?  This isn’t all!  The sexual preditor is from your local town and goes on to ask,

If  I  give you money, would you solicit your children for me to have sexual encounters with them?

The 27 year old Jason Cody Hughes, was the Little League Coach for Girls!

A news article in DeFuniak Springs paper,”The Herald” writes, “On August 20th a concerned citizen from Walton County came forward to report a suspect trying to solicit her via social media to allow him to perform sexual acts with her minor children for money.”

Walton County Sheriff’s Office investigators confirmed 27-year-old Jason Cody Hughes was using two fake social media profiles to solicit mothers to allow their children to perform sexual acts for tens of thousands of dollars.

Using undercover methods WCSO Investigators were able to confirm the information and actively engage Hughes as he asked, graphically and specifically, to solicit a 10-year-old for sex and sent child porn already in his possession.

Hughes is a coach for DeFuniak Springs Little League based out of Walton County. Sheriff Adkinson commented

, “He was entrusted to coach girls who were in his target age group, and in the most despicable and disgusting way possible he betrayed that trust.”

Walton County Sheriffs arrested him and he’s behind bars with a mile long list of felony charges ranging from,  using a computer to solicit parent/guardian consent to engage in sexual conduct with a child, directly promoting sexual performance by a child, and transmission of child pornography via electronic device. This investigation is still ongoing and additional charges may be forthcoming.

It’s sad how Americans have a government that lets in thousands of potential terrorist from the Middle East without venting them to harm us and now our children are exposed to pedifiles who kill the “innocence” forever. Trust has to be a real issue for a parent to raise her children in these crazy times. It’s very difficult to trust anyone and that is sad. but true. Always be aware of the four wise words, “Who What Where and When.”  Stay safe constant reader!


H/T:  The Defuniak Springs, Herald


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