Hillary Headquarters Raided By FBI, Here’s What We Know!

Hillary's Headquarters Raided By FBI, Here's What We Know!

Hillary’s headquarters raided by the FBI, here’s what we know! The DNC is so thick with layers of corruption, one couldn’t cut it with a chainsaw!  Recently, Heat Street News got footage of an FBI raid on Hillary Clinton’s headquarters in Philadelphia after the DNC was held there..  The Clintons and Obama are all in cahoots with top dogs who run big business’s, media, unions and the list goes on.  These billionaires pay to play the game of the rich and famous in the political arena of fraud, lies and videotape.  Here is an example of the videotape captured by Sean Brown of America’s Freedom Fighters.com..

The office of Philadelphia’s most powerful construction union served as the Democratic headquarters for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was raided by federal agents one week afterwards.  The office of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 and “Johnny Doc” Dougherty, who heads the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council, also had his home and a pub he runs raided by federal agents.

Video uploaded to Facebook appears to show a Penske Rental truck being loaded up by agents with boxes of documents, computers, filing cabinets and printers.

Johnny Doc and the construction unions played a central role behind-the-scenes at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Earlier this year, Johnny Doc had accompanied Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Congressman Bob Brady for a meeting with Hillary Clinton to discuss union issues, including project-labor agreements, posing for a photo with her.

The Inquirer reported that the investigation involves agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service, focusing on the “alleged misuse of union funds.” The unions and Democrats are known to work together hand in hand.  You do me a favor, I’ll do you one” all at the expense of its employees.

Mr Doc, has arranged that his workers union dues, which tallies up to be millions of dollars be spent on his personal arrangement with Clinton’s campaign rallies, catering.   The Heat Street report also discovered that the Local 98 had spent tens of thousands of dollars of the union’s money on “holiday gifts,” such as designer handbags from Coach, professional massages, and tickets to sporting events in the city. All the proceeds go right back into Mr. Doc’s pocket.  He’s making money by using the union dues money that workers are forced to pay into every month.  That money is supposed to be spent protecting the workers!

Clinton and Doc’s  seem to be nothing more than criminal enterprises intended to line the pockets of their leadership while helping to elect the crooked politicians that support them. I’m inclined to think and hope that this investigation leads to Hillary Clinton somehow, but as we’ve already seen, even if it does, it won’t matter. With all her scandals and crimes, the government treats her like she’s “above the law”. Her final comment will be to American’s after she’s caught finagling, will be”What difference does it make!”


H/T:  American  Freedom Fighters


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