“Hercules” Has Had Enough! “People are so fed up with the status quo.”

“Hercules” Has Had Enough!

Actor Kevin Sorbo became a household name playing the character “Hercules.” He portrayed the mythical hero from 1994-1999. The major splash he has made more recently, however, is in the genre of faith based films. Sorbo has also become an outspoken advocate of morality in general.

In a recent interview with Fox411, he explained what is at the root of our country’s problems. “We are taking God out of everything. We wonder why bad things happen. We worry about schools, well they are taking God out of schools. We are turning into a secular country, aren’t we?”

A great deal of the issues facing the US could be avoided if the majority of people had “any moral principles — any biblical principles in their [lives],” Sorbo stated.

Actor Kevin Sorbo

Actor Kevin Sorbo

Even Hollywood could use a regimen of religion, he believes. “Look at the stuff Hollywood puts out. There are tons of movies that are highly sexual and violent. There is a huge audience out there and I know Hollywood and New York like to call them the ‘fly-over’ states but there are millions of people living in those states and those people do live by standards and they do live by morals, whether they are biblical or not.”

Kevin constantly has fans asking him to keep making the faith based films. The unparalleled success of the movie “God’s Not Dead” (in which Sorbo starred) has sparked a rash of other religious films. He sees it as a turning of the tide.

“I think you are going to see a turning point; you can see that happening in our politics right now. I think people are so fed up with the status quo.”

The actor couldn’t be more right. For all the government’s attempts to turn us into the “United States of Atheism,” the people will not be silenced. The religious community continues to stand for what they believe is right.

Though it may be equal in effort to one of the Labors of Hercules, salvaging our nation is not impossible. It only takes people, like Sorbo, with enough courage and conviction to speak out.

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