Heidi Cruz – Tool of The New World Order Puppet Masters Exposed


Arthur Thompson exposes Heidi Cruz for the global government tool that she is, her work to help George H W Bush fulfill his dream of the New World Order through his son, George W. He’s not making idle, unsubstantiated claims; he’s brought facts and documents to support what he’s saying. Cruz supporters want to deny that they’re as gullible as their Democrat predecessors and are convinced that “their messiah” is different. He is different, he’s a different color and he’s preaching a different message, but the differences end there. The underlying support network and puppeteers are the same.

Thompson says he’s getting a little bit tired of the hypocrisy in the presidential campaign. He points out that in the controversy of the last week or so over the wives of the candidates, one wife is fair game and the other is off limits. He finds that hypocritical, particularly when it comes to the point that the truth is not getting out to the people about the North American Union aspects of Heidi Cruz.

He holds up a book in his hand, The Council on Foreign Relations outline for the proposed North American Union. Among its listed authors is Heidi Cruz, wife and chief fundraiser for the campaign. It’s an important position, as the two reasons he’s running are for power and wealth and each compliments the other.

He describes her one stipulation in the report to convert the United States into a region of the continental government was merely to install a protection for the power structure that keeps her banking masters in control. At the time she worked for J.P. Morgan banking interests, soon afterwards to be given her demonic wings and a position with Goldman Sachs.

The media won’t report these connections, some of which are easily available with a simple Internet search. Just as Ted Cruz never documented his citizenship and has never been required by the RNC, the CFR media or our corrupt judicial system to prove who he is, her connections to the global government cabal are being ignored. His supposed “patriotic” American followers are choosing to worship at the feet of Ted Cruz rather than admit to themselves that they’ve been had by this fraud.

The evidence is there, all anyone has to do is open their eyes and watch the video.

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