Hateful Protesters Shut Down Trump Rally in Chicago, This is What Trump Had to Say About it…


It’s a sad day in America when free speech is shut down by intolerant liberals, but that is exactly what happened tonight in Chicago at a Trump rally.  Hundreds of protesters, mostly Bernie Sanders supporters, crashed the rally and were so aggressive, Trump was forced to cancel the event for security reasons.

The protesters fought with police, blocked cars, and assaulted Trump supporters.

Trump called in to Gretawire on Fox to explain why this has gotten so out of hand.

“We are a divided nation”, he said. “Obama’s policies have divided us.” Trump also brought up the staggering unemployment numbers among young African Americans and the economic difficulty America is feeling. ” These people haven’t seen their wages increase in 12 years.”

Regardless of the reason, Trump is correct, we are a divided nation.  It’s funny that these liberals claim to be protesting hate while holding hateful signs that read ” F*ck Donald Trump.”

It’s now being reported that liberal organization Moveon.org organized this rally to stifle free speech.  This is typical left wing THUGGERY. They refuse to allow democracy if they don’t agree with the candidate or the cause.

This is intolerance in it’s purest form. Ben Carson commented on the Kelly File saying, “this behavior benefits those who want to fundamentally change America.”

Carson also pointed out that so many protesters didn’t even know why they were there. Several protesters were asked by the media what their message was and why they disliked Trump and they couldn’t answer. They are told to blindly hate by the liberal media and don’t even question why. We are truly losing our country.

Here is just some clips of the disgraceful protesters acting like the animals and what Trump had to say about it.







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