HATCHET Attack Stopped By Concealed Carrier

hatchet attack stopped

HATCHET Attack Stopped By Concealed Carrier

A masked man wielding a hatchet attacked inside a 7-11 convenience store in Washington this morning.

Witnesses said that the man kept silent as he attempted to wreak havoc.

He began swinging the hatchet at a customer as soon as he entered the store around 5:45 AM.

hatchet attack stopped

hatchet attack stopped

His attention was quickly diverted to the employee working the counter.

The clerk suffered a few minor injuries to his stomach.

His life was saved by a customer in the store. The customer, a concealed carry permit holder, shot and killed the man with the hatchet before any major damage could be done.

Paramedics that arrived soon after pronounced the attacker officially dead when they got on scene.

The King County Sheriff’s department stated that they were glad that the customer was able to intervene. He is not being investigated for any wrong doing.

Sergeant Cindi West commented. “Fortunately, because of this customer with his weapon, this could have been a lot worse. The clerk could be laying dead on the floor right now.”

The hero customer is a 60 year old regular patron of the store. The Seattle man visits this location daily. When the hatchet attack began, he was drinking his morning coffee.

The attacker’s identity will be released at a later date by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.

His description had been given only as a man in his 40s.

Authorities said the neighborhood is a quiet area. This incident was the first violent event at this location that any of them could recall.

I suppose, now, we should call for a ban on all hatchets. After all, a single person tried to use one for violence. Firefighters will have to find another tool to utilize since all hatchet manufacturers in the US should be shut down. Lumbermen will simply have to make do with something else. Hatchets, not the people wielding them are, clearly, a problem.

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