Governor Giving 13,000 Felons Voting Rights- Aims For 200,000 Before Election

Governor To Give 13,000 Felons Voting Rights

Terry Mcauliffe is a moron. Let’s just get that out here.

The Virginia Governor is throwing a hissy fit because his executive order got overturned. In April, he attempted to restore voting rights to 200,000 felons. Republican legislators filed suit, stating that McAuliffe had overstepped his authority. The state’s Supreme Court overturned the order after a few little flaws were found with it.

  1. Voting privileges were given back to violent and non-violent offenders alike.
  2. 132 sex offenders were part of the group
  3. Convicted murderers on probation in others states were included in the move
  4. Even a non-citizen sex offender residing in Peru was given Virginia voting rights
  5. Law requires a case by case review instead of a blanket clemency

Like any good little Democrat, McAuliffe isn’t letting a silly thing like a court ruling stand in his way. He is exploiting a loophole.

McAuliffe with Clinton in VA

McAuliffe with Clinton in VA

Since a case by case signature is required for voting eligibility to be restored, Terry’s new best friend is “auto open.” He is using it to open and sign each case at an accelerated rate. Last month he boasted. “By the end of this week, I will have restored the rights of all 13,000!”

He missed his goal, but is still determined to get his own way. His ultimate aim is to grant voting privileges to the 200,000 originally on his list. Murderers and all, it would seem.

Monday, McAuliffe is scheduled to make a “major restoration of rights announcement.” It is expected to be that the first 13,000 have had their voting rights granted. (13,000 is the number of felons that registered after he issued his executive order and before it was overturned.)

Executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, is cheer leading his effort. “We think it’s the right thing to do, and we’re hopeful it will get done in time for people to be able to register before the deadline,” she stated.

Perhaps McAuliffe has a soft spot for criminals. Not only was his campaign funding just under FBI investigation, but he is one of Hillary Clinton’s BFFs.

These new voters are unlikely to be conservative. The timing of adding them to the rolls would work out nicely for Clinton. Coincidence? (About as much of one as everyone who tries to testify against her dying.)

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