Going Medieval On Your Axe: Crazy Fight Breaks Out In City Center

Going Medieval On Your Axe

Some say the old ways are the best ways. Apparently, a group of men from Cologne agree.

Early Monday morning a fight broke out in the city center. It began as a heated argument. Four men got into a verbal spat with a fifth one. When words were no longer enough, the men broke out axes.

Yep. Axes. Talk about taking it old school. These guys went positively medieval.


Police at axe attack scene

After suffering a wound to the thigh, the victim tried to escape. He attempted to hobble to his vehicle. That is when the axe- wielding assailants produced more modern weapons. They tried shooting at the escaping man and hit his car. Witnesses stated that the windows were shot out. (It’s possible their inaccuracy with firearms is the reason they each carry an axe in the first place.)

The suspects fled the scene.

Police arrived and took statements. Crime scene techs found shattered glass and what is believed to be blood at the site of the attack.

Officers confirmed the event to reporters. They established that the axe fight had, in fact, taken place. They revealed that one male had been taken to the hospital. Neither his identity nor the extent of his injuries was released.

Shortly after, two of the suspects were taken into custody. The other two men are still on the loose.

German officials have found no, apparent, links to terror with this incident. Evidently, this is just a random group of medieval- minded men. I guess that is supposed to make their citizens feel better. These guys may chop your head off if you argue with them, but at least they won’t target arbitrary people in the name of Allah, right?

We will just have to chalk this incident up to another win for German society under the ever-impressive Angela Merkel.

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source: Fox News




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