Frank Gaffney – Sharia Advocate And Agitator Khan


It’s been to a large degree “Mission Accomplished” for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in their use of the human IED they debuted at the Democrat National Convention. Frank Gaffney, the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, spoke with Breitbart radio about the Islamist Khizr Khan and his successful attempts to embroil Donald Trump in controversy. He says “It’s been a huge distraction of course, from the main issue which, in fact, this Gold Star father was trotted out to sort of obscure and that is should we be importing into this country more jihadists?”

He continued, “By some polls 80 percent of the American people quite commonsensically say ‘No, we shouldn’t, we’ve got plenty here.’ And why this is so important is, one way to filter the Muslims who are absolutely, positively a problem  from Muslims who aren’t and who, I think we quite possibly would love to have in this country is are the adherent to this Sharia doctrine?”

“Do they believe that it, not the Constitution, ought to govern the United States; that democracy ought to be the basis upon which we govern ourselves, representative government?” Gaffney noted, “Those are all absolutely inconsistent with the program that as is now a matter of record.”

He complimented Breitbart on their investigative reporting, adding, “This fellow, Khizr Khan, absolutely embraces, supports and is seeking to promote Sharia.” He points to the ineptitude or complicity of CNN’s Anderson Cooper the previous night, saying of Khan, “He’s on his program and he says ‘I do not stand for Sharia Law because there is no such thing.”

Gaffney identifies the nature of those comments saying, “A, that’s taqiyya, that is, lying for the faith and B, it is demonstrably fraudulent. And this is why I think this issue isn’t going to go away. It has nothing to do with the Gold Star issue.”

He adds, “I’m sorry to say that this couple lost their son and a hero at that, but this is about the central question of our time. Will we, as in Europe, be induced to submit to Sharia by importing still more of the people who believe that it’s God’s will to impose it upon us?


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