Former DNC Chairman Accuses Trump Of Cocaine Use For Debate Sniffles


Trump often takes deep breaths when he’s talking, including when giving speeches, there was nothing unusual about his behavior last night, nothing any different from what we’ve seen over the course of this campaign.

Hillary Clinton has been acting weird virtually every time she’s in the public sphere, as has been recorded with those videos having made the rounds on the Internet. It is a dangerous venture outside of his glass house for Dean, the guy who is notorious for an unbalanced-sounding, campaign-ending screech, to throw stones at a guy who’s never even had a drink of alcohol as using cocaine.

Clinton exhibited odd and inappropriate grins and facial expressions throughout the night. It was particularly noticeable in an odd shimmy and a “whew, okay” uttered in response to Trump pointing out her screaming rant at a laborers’ convention video hookup.

In a characteristically hypocritical and vicious move, Dr. Howard Dean tweeted “noticed Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?” People with a cold sniffle too, Doctor Dean, something they should have covered with you at medical school.  It’s more fun to tweet out a cheap shot attack on someone’s character that is totally unwarranted, particularly for a snake like Dean.

It’s not like Trump has been bobbing his head uncontrollably or standing with his mouth open, eyes bugged out in amazement as balloons fall around him the way the Democrat candidate has. He hasn’t disappeared from the campaign trail, fallen on his face, seized up unable to move or had an entourage of health professionals traveling with him as has been the case with Mrs. Clinton.

Surprisingly, as the former DNC chairman says he’s not suggesting that Trump is using cocaine, the host calls him on it saying, “Well you are suggesting it actually in a tweet.” The lying Democrat says, “No, I’m suggesting we think about it because here’s the interesting constellation.” Dean then proceeds to lay out his weak case based upon sniffing, grandiosity, delusion and interrupting his opponent. Sure doctor, all of those are enough of an indicator for you that you’ll make a professional non-diagnosis from observations over the television and announce your findings to the world. In addition to lying about accusing trump of using cocaine, Dean says he’d never make a diagnosis over the TV. That’s unless it’s at a debate and involves his candidate’s opponent, of course. Talk about delusion, it’s apparent now why as a medical doctor, Dean turned to politics.

The host reminds him that the Clinton campaign described Rudy Giuliani’s legitimate questioning of Hillary Clinton’s health as being unacceptable and inappropriate. He said that Clinton has answered any legitimate question that Giuliani may want to raise and has made her medical records public, both of which are the typical Democrat lies. Neither is true and Giuliani is not the only one with questions about her health. Most Americans believe she’s hiding a physical malady as she does with every other aspect of her corrupt, dishonest existence.

Dean makes the point through his lame defenses that his accusations are totally unfounded and politically motivated. One possibility is that the Dean saw an opportunity to turn the medical issue onto his opponent in order to deflect it away from his own ailing candidate. Whatever arguments are used against his false claims could then be cited in later denials by the sick Clinton, creating a false equivalency and precedent.

Dean could have just been recklessly trying to damage Trump as well. Nobody believes that Donald Trump is a drug user. Even if he were, he’d be a much better choice than the pot and cocaine aficionado currently occupying the office or his heavily medicated and seriously ill opponent.

Trump may have sinus trouble; that’s not a disqualifying condition. What’s wrong with Mrs. Clinton?

For some odd behavior be sure to catch Clinton’s last response, the granny shimmy shimmy after Trump calls her on her screaming rant.

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