First His Job Was To Pretend To Be A Democrat Candidate – Now He’s Openly A Traitor’s Surrogate


Martin O’Malley acts like a big tough guy when he’s name calling but he’s  really not. He’s not that bright either, he’s just programmed. If a question takes him into an area away from the preloaded responses he’s in real trouble. The solution for having to actually talk and think for himself for O’Malley comes in the form of a unisex minder we’ll call Pat. Whenever O’Malley gets in over his head, it’s Pat or another minder’s job to come to the rescue. They’re kind of like a Secret Service that protects against words, truthful words.

Following his speech at the DNC, a Brietbart reporter caught up with the former candidate and asked him about his accusations made in the just completed tirade against Donald Trump and in support of the criminal former Secretary of State.

He didn’t ask O’Malley anything too tough like naming a Clinton accomplishment, what’s so great about her version of the Middle East that she left us with, why ISIS isn’t called Clintisis or how a person who thinks it’s okay to create a home brew server and transfer secret United States government documents onto it hasn’t demonstrated that she is too stupid, corrupt or both to be president.

He asked a simple question that should be at the fingertips of anyone so full of vitriol for another person, what did he do? In this instance the question was a simple, “You said that Donald Trump is a bully and a racist. Can you elaborate on that, what has he said about black people that people should be worried about?

O’Malley stalls for time, repeating the question back to the reporter as the unisex minder swoops and snoops in apparent realization that a real question has been unleashed on his phony baloney protectee. O’Malley isn’t prepared to back up his claims; it can’t be done, at least not truthfully. He’s in some potential real trouble.

He defaults to more name calling, labeling Trump a religious bigot, also untrue and not a statement of fact that cannot be substantiated.

Unisex Pat comes to the rescue, easily dragging the physically much larger O’Malley away from the crisis he was in. Pat tells the reporter “There’s a place for those requests,” a typical Democrat lie. There is nowhere else; where they were was the only place and that’s why they had to make a hasty retreat. They missed the security of their safe zone.

That’s how slime like O’Malley get away with the hit and run tactics that they do. They spew and then avoid the press. That’s why it’s been 250 days or so since Hillary Clinton held a press conference. O’Malley’s slimy; Clinton is a cesspool.


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