First Gold Medal Won By An American, Liberals Are Ready To Boycott Olympics Over This

First Gold Medal Won

First Gold Medal Won By An American Liberals Are Ready To Boycott Over This

Ginny-Thrasher-1The first Gold Medal of the Rio Olympics went to American Shooter Ginny Thrasher in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event Saturday morning. You would think that Americans would be proud that an American was the first to take home the Gold.

Many of us know better than to believe that though! While some took to social media to show their support for Ginny Trasher others, only to show their ignorance!


This one is pure IGNORANCE!!

This liberal thinks your rights are limited to the 1st amendment “Nothing Else!”

As you can imagine I could continue to out asinine comments from ignorant people here. But the truth is there is something to be proud of. We have a woman who won the first Gold Medal, that has nothing to do with the mass shootings in America that have recently happened. That we could technically link to terror and or democrats more than anything else. 

Ginny Thrassher With Gun

That was not what her moment was suppose to be about. It was suppose to be a time for her to shine. When someone wins a medal for swimming are we going to bring up all the incidents about people drowning? No, because it has nothing to do with them. Ginny Thrasher has had nothing to do with any shooting that has taken place, that deserves it to take away from her spotlight. 




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