Fiorina A Failed CEO, Destroyed Thousands Of Americans – Perfect Match For Cruz


One of Ted Cruz’s many lies that he loves to repeat is the claim that Donald Trump is afraid of strong women. It’s obvious that Donald Trump isn’t afraid of anyone, with strong women often being recruited to join his companies, sometimes on the spot.

Cruz, on the other hand, appears to be attempting to manipulate sexist women or women that value gender over legitimate qualifications in his choice of what he mislabels as a “strong” woman, Carly Fiorina, as a pretend running-mate.

Strong doesn’t necessarily equate with good or with being an effective leader. Just as with men, being strong can be accompanied with heartlessness, viciousness, greed and a focus on self. Thirty thousand people lost their jobs at Hewlett Packard as Ms. Fiorina embarked on her pursuit of amassing a fortune and building a name for herself.

They became expendable as Fiorina pioneered the practice of off-shoring and replacing American manufacturing jobs with those of other nations, such as China. When Donald Trump talks of American jobs going to China, at some point Fiorina probably comes to his mind.

Her claims and those of Lyin’ Ted that she’s a capable leader are disputed vigorously by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld,  whose lengthy title at Yale is Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Programs & Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management.

In August of 2015 he wrote a blistering review of her tenure at HP titled “Carly Fiorina as a boss: the disappointing truth. His opinion, as reflected in the interview, contradicts her claims of a job well done. She enriched herself and left the company a shell of its former self. Thirty thousand people lost their jobs as she bought herself a million dollar yacht.

Cruz may be confusing Trump’s natural revulsion by an immoral, heartless and corrupt profiteer for fear but he’s most likely just being his usual Lyin’ Ted. Cruz certainly saw those character defects as Fiorina’s strengths, making her a “strong woman” in his eyes because she is an emotionless predator. It’s part of what he saw in his fellow globalist as her “qualifications” for the job, the stuff that makes them such an ideal and despicable match.


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