Final Notice To Ryan & House Of Lies… House Cleaning Begins November 2017!,,,

So many have written me expressing their frustration with Washington. If politicians listened to your voice they wouldn’t need advisors telling them what to say. God gave each of you a voice to be heard and I intend On sharing it.

Ladies and gentlemen most Americans are frustrated and fed up. The people have begun writing me because most of you no longer listen. Americans feel like they no longer have a voice and I intend on proving them wrong. Carly was right when saying the people have lost all confidence in Washington. You have lost our trust because most of you are no longer trustworthy. You continue feeding us a diet of lies that some advisor said would increase your votes. This political act of lies and deception upon our people will no longer be tolerated. 

Those who voted for Paul Ryan’s budget will no longer get a vote from us. Over a trillion dollars for refugees while ignoring our homeless sleeping on the street. Americans work their whole life paying taxes to be told they don’t get a raise. If we had a lobbyist our military would have gotten a raise. If you want  to know what the people think of you I suggest looking in the mirror. When you look real hard you will see what the American people are ashamed of. The disappointment of those we once believed in are now ones we no longer trust. You want our vote then start looking out for our kids instead of kissing the ass of those who wish to kill them. God bless you all and may He forever bless this country, Shep #Marine4Truth                

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