Everything Hillary Clinton Has Done Screams Cover Up And Corruption


Hillary Clinton’s world may begin to fall in around her in mid-September, as a federal judge has ordered that the stonewalling Obama State Department begin releasing the 15,000 previously hidden Clinton emails to Judicial Watch. For the time being, at least, it seems they may have run out of ways to continue with the obstruction.

It will be interesting to see how the batch compares with what is to be forthcoming from WikiLeaks, if there are additional discrepancies and inconsistencies. Those are an awful lot of emails to sanitize and check for consistencies with the lies you’ve told, the Democrats have likely slipped up in a number of yet undisclosed instances. Perhaps WikiLeaks will release some of what they have in advance of mid-September, as that was roughly the same time frame as their first initial tranche was expected and they want all of everything released from both sources to get their proper amount of scrutiny.

Clinton Cash author, Breitbart editor and member of Hillary Clinton’s newly crafted nemesis the “Alt-Right,” Peter Schweizer, commented on the use of email in the Clinton racketeering operation on Fox. He said, “When you are engaging in pay to play on a global scale as you were with the Clinton Foundation, you need a means of communication and email is the way to do it. You can’t do that on the official government network because it might be detected, people can file freedom of information act requests, so you need to set up a private server. These two scandals are connected.”

Catherine Herridge reports, “Two sources who have read the FBI’s investigative file have confirmed to Fox News that Clinton’s team used a technology called BleachBit to delete records and cyber security experts say this technology is like an electronic shredder that permanently scrambles the data.”

Herridge notes that Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy had said earlier that the deletions and the manner in which they were made suggest to him an intent to hide the records and obstruct Congress. She points out the feeble attempts by Clinton to play dumb at times and also the belief of Judicial Watch, who is to thank for these releases and the revelations, that some of the documents recovered by the FBI pertain to the Benghazi attack as well.

Herridge said she asked the Clinton campaign about their obviously suspicious behavior, the electronic shredding of what she claims are bland, personal emails and the destruction of documents after the Congressional request for those documents came in from the Select Benghazi Committee. She points out a timeline of the events but doesn’t indicate there was any response from the Clinton insulators.

The scale of the web of government corruption and deceit, so large and pervasive that it boggles the mind, is being exposed slowly but now with what seems like an increasingly inevitability. As the Clinton – Obama parasites run out of places to hide it and become more desperate, it would be good to see a document dump from the folks at WikiLeaks, to protect both our access to their information and in the interest of protecting their personal safety as well.



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