Every Day Brings At Least One More Reason Why This Traitor Should Be In Prison


Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide, the woman that John McCain attacked Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on the Senate floor in defense of when her terrorist ties were exposed, is clearly not the kind of person that should have been given access to our nation’s most sensitive documents. She shouldn’t even be allowed to work at DMV. Yet she and the woman who empowered her are allowed to continue in spite of their strong terrorist connections to conduct their activities as if there’s nothing out of the ordinary. Those activities included a national security briefing over the weekend as a candidate for president of the United States.

New York Post columnist Paul Sperry joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the many problems with Huma Abedin, her family and the Clinton involvement. Sperry notes that in addition to Huma’s mother being the editor of the same terrorist magazine that Abedin worked for over a period of almost thirteen years, he’s now discovered a book that she has written. In it she supports what Sperry calls the Medieval treatment of women, including Sharia concepts and practices such as the stoning of adulterous wives, marital rape, killing women who have left “the faith,” and female genital mutilation of young girls.

He’s also discovered a video as well in which the mother is sympathizing with men who beat their wives, claiming it is the men who are the real victims in a household.

Tucker Carlson makes a disturbing statement, describing Hillary Clinton, the woman who attacked her husband’s rape victims as a sincere feminist. There are two things wrong with what he said. The first is the obvious victimization of women, the second is his attaching the word “sincere” to anything describing Hillary Clinton.

Sperry says of Clinton, “It’s getting harder and harder for Hillary to reconcile this. Far from distancing herself from the radical mother, who basically could be, the woman could be a spokeswoman for the Taliban in Afghanistan with some of this radical stuff she’s preaching.” He says, “Hillary’s had an active relationship with this mother, visiting her over in Saudi Arabia, and even inviting her back into the States in Washington at the State Department for functions, including forums on women’s issues as a “leading thinker.”

Mr. Sperry notes that he’s given the Clinton team an opportunity to renounce the relationship but they’ve only declined to comment.

Sperry adds, “There’s also a national security implication here that’s very serious and it turns out that she was actually over there promising in Saudi Arabia, the mother, that she would reverse the post-9/11 restrictions on Saudi student visas and she delivered on that promise big time. The number of Saudi visas have skyrocketed since she made that promise to the mother over there in Saudi Arabia.


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