EU Ratifies Important Treaty In Move To Preempt Trump


EU Ratifies Important Treaty In Move To Preempt Trump

The climate hoax is a primary tool used by the globalist oligarchs to manipulate and extend their control over others. They recognize that Donald Trump will likely be elected president and that their little conspiracy to take over the world is threatened.

Hussein Obama, along with the UN global criminal syndicate, claims that his September proclamation that he unilaterally “self-ratified” a climate agreement on behalf of the United States without involving the Senate is legitimate. They claim that, now with EU ratification putting it over the commitment threshold, we are bound to the conditions of their London climate agreement. The international geniuses must surely be aware that what Obama did was unconstitutional and meaningless.


They are trying to ram it through anyway and took a step in that direction on Tuesday, with the EU ratifying their agreement. The action is seen as a preemptive strike against a Trump presidency and a way for them to empower Obama while he still occupies the office to act in on their behalf. They are attempting to preemptively impose the austerity and wealth redistribution commitments of the Climate Hoax, taking the decision out of the hands of the Senate and Mr. Trump.

The UN and EU can do as they choose; America is not participating in their little charade. We would be parties to the agreement and bound by its conditions if our Senate, the representatives of the people, had chosen to join by ratifying the treaty. But Obama knew he didn’t have the votes for that so he conducted an end run around the Constitution and is now pretending it is legitimate and has the force of a ratified treaty. That is simply not the case.

The UN bureaucrats are claiming that they are now over the threshold by including American representation in their totals. They are not over the threshold for membership without American ratification and that was never obtained. They are merely running a scam on top of a scam, claiming that their agreement is in place when it is not. If they are allowed to continue unchallenged it will have that effect.

The Hill reported on Wednesday that “International governments have made a power play against Donald Trump by ratifying an international climate deal earlier than expected, effectively preventing him from ‘canceling’ the deal as he has promised to do.” They added, “The European Union’s Tuesday decision to join the Paris climate deal will push the deal over the threshold for ratification; it will formally take effect in 30 days.” They report it as fact but it is merely propaganda. They recognize the motive behind the UN oligarchs to a degree, noting, “Some say Trump’s rhetoric about the deal helped speed up ratification.”

As it is written the deal is binding for a period of four years upon signatories once it goes into effect and is ratified. In dictatorships that would mean Obama could have legally done what he did and we’d be forced to comply. Unfortunately for the oligarchs at the UN, we’re not committed to anything. They can claim we’re a willing participant in their gang rape all they want, that doesn’t make it so, we did not consent.

The Hill quotes William Yeatman, a senior fellow at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute, who said, “Trump could also insist the Senate needs to ratify the deal and send it to lawmakers, who would likely vote it down.”

Since that is the way our Republic is structured and the requirement for something to be passed legally, that is what we fully expect him to do, at a minimum. As much as the globalists hope to change or ignore the facts, we have not completely devolved into despotism under Obama. Their treaty is just worthless paper.


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