Earnest – Fact Checkers Lie, Obama Doesn’t And He’ll Lie To Prove It


Obama’s paid spokesliar doesn’t bother with facts, in fact, facts are his worst enemy. He’s asked about one of the Obama speech staples, one of the many lies he told in a previous week. It was one in which he said “We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.” Politifact rated that comment the same way most people who heard it did, as utter nonsense and the typical Obamacrap, or what they describe as “mostly false.”

Spokesliar Josh Earnest attempted to apply liberal amounts of lipstick to his big-eared Kenyan pig, starting his response, “With all due respect to the fact checkers.”  That’s a sure sign that yet another lie is about to be served up and the current lie reiterated. Earnest did exactly that, saying, “When the ‘president’ delivered that line to a room full of about a thousand cops, there was not a lot of evident disagreement.”

In the world of distorted facts and falsehoods, the fact that police officers were respectful of their fallen comrades in spite of the disrespect Obama showed in calling them racists and intimating that in some ways they got what they deserved, is being put forward as validation of his claims. Reality is as much a stranger in the Obama White House as honesty.

If Obama were going to be held to speaking the truth, there would be no point in inviting him. He’d simply be standing around like a side show dummy – like a mute side show dummy.

Earnest exposes the deliberate conflation of two separate and very different things, illegal and legal guns and how the confusion it creates is used to support their false arguments. He said, “I think there is genuine concern in the minds of law enforcement officials who work in many of these economically disadvantaged communities about how readily accessible illegal guns are. He then goes on to say that Obama was talking about access to a quality education, which he described as a book or computer time.

He then blames insufficient funding for schools because kids are trapped in under-performing schools. He doesn’t mentioned that Obama killed school voucher programs and is a puppet of the teachers union which perpetuates the status quo of high salaries and low standards at the expense of students.

He then attacks guns, as is standard operating procedure, faulting a failure to pass “common sense gun control legislation.” But Earnest just said that those are illegal guns that Obama was talking about. How are gun laws going to impact the trafficking and availability of illegal guns? Does confiscation meet his definition of “common sense.” It most definitely does.

He then completely digresses into a claim that police are after school care providers, further evidence that these people, particularly Mr. Earnest who lies for a living, are morally bankrupt and totally lacking in character.


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