D’Souza Movie Exposes Anti-Black Corrupt Democrats At Convention Time


Watching the totally corrupt, criminal and anti-American Democrats in action as they campaign and lie their ways across America is nauseating. What’s even worse is looking at and listening to the pathetic excuses for Americans who are supporting them.

One could hope that the defect that causes voters to cast their lot with such a putrid, evil group as the Democrats is a lack of ambition and effort to understand what they truly represent and who they really are. At least in that case some hope would remain that they can be educated as to the nature of their candidate and what they have been doing and will continue to do to America.

Whether it is the communist Bernie Sanders who is ready to impose even more fundamental transformation upon us or the criminal spy for foreign governments Hillary Clinton, who is responsible for singlehandedly destroying Libya and turning it into an ISIS stronghold while getting four Americans killed, neither is suited for leading our formerly great and free nation. We need recovery, not more of the same anti-Americanism.

If the solution to the mindless allegiance these poor misguided Americans are exhibiting for their vile candidates, Dinesh D’Souza has the means, the key to their healing. It’s his movie, Hillary’s America. It works steer the zombies away from their communist candidate as well. As celebrity and Hollywood obsessed as the uninformed, dumbed-down Democrats are, the movie of Clinton killing four Americans in Benghazi should have done more to wake them up. Maybe this second dose of the truth about their heinous “heroes” will snap them out of their collective comas. Then again, they are getting “free” stuff.

D’Souza asks, “Who are these Democrats?” He says, “It all began when the Obama administration tried to shut me up.” He said that during his 8 month incarceration he learned that “All crime is about stealing. The big criminals are still at large. The system doesn’t go after them – because they run the system. “ He says, “It’s time to go behind the curtain and discover the soul of the Democrat Party.”

The trailer shows depictions of Democrat slave masters inflicting punishment, whipping their slaves, chasing them with dogs and lynching them. It features Democrat KKK members persecuting and lynching blacks as well. He asks black Vanderbilt Professor Carol Swain “Why has all this been swept under the rug?” Her response is simple and direct, “To cover the tracks of the Democrat Party.”

The trailer features a scene of Democrat eugenicist Margaret Sanger, the mother of Planned Parenthood, declaring the most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it. Did D’Souza ask a trick question? Is attributing a soul to the Democrats being overly generous?

He asks, “What are these Democrats hiding as one of the contributors narrates, “This is about buying and selling influence by foreign oligarchs and foreign government.”

He asks, “What if the goal of the Democrat Party is to steal the most valuable thing the world has ever produced? What if their plan is to steal America?

There’s nothing quite like a little corruption exposure at convention time.

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