Drug Bust $$: HUGE Meth Haul In Fire Extinguishers

Drug Bust $$: HUGE Meth Haul In Fire Extinguishers

Law enforcement officers in Georgia were on fire this week. They extinguished the plans of a drug smuggling ring with ties to Mexico. The bust was sparked by information received in January during a traffic arrest in the Atlanta area.
Okay, all puns aside this haul was massive. $546,000 worth of meth was seized during an undercover operation. The drugs were found hidden inside hollowed out fire extinguishers. Seriously, fire extinguishers.
42 pounds of “base powder” was confiscated. Police believe the powder in the extinguishers “was destined for a conversion lab (a facility to turn the powder into crystal methamphetamine) somewhere in metro Atlanta.”
The Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad used the information they received in January to track an alleged member of the ring. He was followed to Houston. There, agents believe he picked up a shipment of meth.
meth in extinguishers

meth in extinguishers

When the man returned to Atlanta on Valentine’s Day, authorities were led to the extinguishers containing the drugs.
During the course of the investigation, undercover officers were able to purchase meth from 3 others thought to be part of the same smuggling ring. Those 3 were taken into custody. Officials say that more arrests are soon to come.
This isn’t the first strange drug bust of late.
Last week Australian authorities found almost a million dollars of meth hidden in silicone breast implants.
Border agents in the US recently seized a huge amount of pot inside fake carrots that dealers were attempting to bring in from Mexico.
Just a few months before that, officers busted smugglers trying to get cocaine into the country in cucumbers.
If these law breakers would put the same amount of effort and ingenuity into legitimate work, imagine what they could accomplish.
They could at least put out a few political fires by decreasing the number of criminals coming over the border. (Had to get one last one in there.)
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