Donald Trump Showed Himself To Be Presidential, Sick Hillary Just No-Showed


Stuart Varney invited Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona to his program to discuss the meeting Donald Trump had with Mexican President Nieto. For some reason Varney also asked a former State Department employee, a partisan Democrat supporting Hillary Clinton on as well.

Varney asks Sheriff Babeu to comment on the meeting, asking if Donald Trump was helped or hurt. Sheriff Babeu has high praise, describing it as “fantastic.” He notes how in law enforcement they often try to downplay the significance of some things and “de-escalate a lot of the emotions and there’s been a lot of rhetoric, a lot of anger, justified here in the United States. And to see Donald Trump in this capacity, acting as a world leader, I thought was fantastic. He was not only respectful, he was very thoughtful in his intentions for our country.”

Babeu continues, “Mutual respect, also respecting the sovereignty of both nations, understanding we both need security and let’s work together to achieve that, so this was a huge win for Donald Trump and a huge win for our relations.”

Varney asks the Clinton partisan whose candidate has chosen to remain in her hiding place how he sees it. After saying it had both good and bad for Mr. Trump, he beats up the non-point of a fabricated “massive capitulation” on his policy on Mexico and making false statements about Trump’s position on renegotiating NAFTA and that he didn’t raise the issue of Mexico paying for the wall. Of course that was not the tone or an issue for a non-president to negotiate prior to his victory, so the Clinton boy is clearly reaching and has nothing genuine that he can attack Mr. Trump on.

Sheriff Babeu dismisses the claims of the partisan and points to the Mexican President’s raising of the issue of guns flowing into Mexico, the type of gun running that Hussein Obama and Eric Holder were caught engaging in, something that he and Mr. Trump both agreed needed to be stopped and stopped quickly.

Clearly the Clinton team is against a real leader who has the energy and ability to do the job. This was an out of the park home run for Mr. Trump. Clinton wasn’t even in the game.

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