Disaster Strikes The Olympics! How Could This Happen?

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Disaster Strikes The Olympics!

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil haven’t even begun. Despite that, they are already making history. Thus far, they are going down as the the worst Olympics ever. Conditions in the city are unhealthy and unstable. Now, a new disaster has been added to the growing list of issues.

What has happened so far:

The Zika virus is running rampant. It is so bad that many of the world’s top athletes have refused to participate in the games. So in actuality, this year’s competition isn’t between the all the best in each sport. It’s between the best athletes willing to risk their health.

Then, there are the dangerous viral and bacterial levels in the water where the competitors will be performing. Sewage, debris, and even dead bodies contaminate the water system in Rio. Players have been told to “keep their mouths closed” while in or on it.

Australian Olympics building

Australian Olympics building

Making matters worse, sections of the route built for the cycling events have crumbled and caused injuries

Add to that the country’s recent governmental upheaval and massive police corruption. The former Brazilian president was just impeached and replaced. The police force has had multiple charges of human rights violations leveled against them.

The latest disaster:

The Australian team was forced to evacuate their rooms in Olympic village on Friday. A fire started in the building. Luckily for the team, someone alerted them to the flames. Since the fire alarms had been deactivated, it was the only way they would have known.

Given that they, initially, didn’t even want to check in because of “blocked toilets, leaking pipes, and exposed wiring,” this probably didn’t come as a surprise. What did shock them, however, was finding out that their rooms had been vandalized during the fire.

Laptops and team shirts were taken. Not only were some of their personal rooms ransacked, but the office as well.

While the loss of the equipment is bothersome, they are more upset about the fire alarm. One of their team members was left inside the building during the incident. He was not woken by knocks or calls that are quieter than the alarm would have been.“Obviously that is completely unacceptable that a) the fire alarm was disabled and b) that if it had to be, that we weren’t warned about that.”

The Mayor’s response:

When the head of the Australian Olympics team brought their concerns to Rio’s mayor, his response was deplorable. He, sarcastically, answered that “perhaps they might be more comfortable if he installed a kangaroo.”

Perhaps he might take them a bit more seriously if one them gave him an in-person demonstration of kangaroo boxing.

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source: The Guardian

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