DHS Protecting Elections Is Like Buying Fire Insurance From An Arsonist


The supposed warning comes from the US government agency that has opened our borders to all comers, provides sanctuary and a taxpayer-funded fresh start for illegal invaders, destroyed our immigration system and dismantled much of our terrorism fighting capabilities. That agency, DHS, also continues to deny the reality that they have already admitted, that we cannot screen terrorists out of the “refugee” streams, the very ones that they continue to increase exponentially. Johnson’s policies provide aid and comfort to terrorist support organizations, partially through his oft-touted CVE program.

That same agency, bearing the misnomer of Homeland “Security,” wants us to now believe it  is concerned with the integrity of our election system. Perhaps they are concerned precisely because of its integrity, that it will be difficult if not impossible for them to rig the election as things are. Control is too spread out among many independent state systems to be effectively manipulated. They need a premise to insert themselves, something that is “for our own good.” Just as DHS was formed from many independent agencies to provide a central control mechanism for abuse, the Feds need to act to consolidate our “protection.”

On Saturday, DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson again hyped the latest “threat,” urging state and local election officials to seek assistance from the federal government to protect themselves against cyber-attacks on their electoral systems. He’s trolling, as hackers do, offering an invitation that sounds benign and beneficial as a means to implant his malware or otherwise compromise their systems. He stands at the ready to offer any assistance to help states “secure” their systems.

Johnson said, “These challenges aren’t just in the future – they are here today. In recent months, malicious cyber-actors have been scanning a large number of state systems, which could be a preamble to attempted intrusions. In a few cases, we have determined that malicious actors gained access to state voting-related systems.” Are those malicious cyber-actors working for him? And just what is a voting-related system anyway? It’s obviously not a voting system or it would have been identified as such. Maybe Johnson should stop with all the Hollywood cloak and dagger crap and just tell us the true nature of whatever supposed threat he feels we can’t be allowed to know about. We’re not children, we’re “big people” and he, thankfully, is not our daddy.

It sounds almost identical to the setup for the global warming hoax exploitation, another invisible non-threat that we are warned is here and bringing imminent destruction. It’s time for a good old-fashioned DHS false flag, the kind that nobody even sees, the kind that doesn’t have to be staged. They simply claim that it happened, that an attempt was made by foreign hackers to compromise our election. That’s a pretty convenient allegation, one that their opposition, the American people, cannot refute due to a lack of access to the same, fabricated information. We are basically being told to trust DHS and the lying Obama regime.

Why would they worry? Foreign governments who share the Obama objective of a diminished or defeated United States would support Hillary Clinton, as she will sell them whatever access, agreements, information or resources they might want. They simply must make the price fit her crime. Just as Clinton sold the Russians our uranium for a starting amount of $160 million and used the State Department as a clearinghouse for the purchase of favors, she would be their natural choice. They are aligned with Clinton, Obama and DHS.

Foreign governments that support a strong, free and independent America would favor a Trump presidency. Those would be nations that have been our strongest allies, like Great Britain, Israel, the Philippines and previously Germany, Canada, and Australia who have now been hijacked by globalist regimes just as we have been. There is the complication that many countries, such as Japan, Mexico and China, will see some of their economic advantage over America disappear under a Trump presidency, but that is something they must accept. At some point every rapist must determine the fate of their victim, either to let them go or finish them off. Americans aren’t going to take any more, this victim has awoken and is now fighting back.

The regime would have no reason to complain if a foreign government that shares their desire for Clinton to continue our destruction were to help her rise to power, so what are they afraid of? Despite reflexively blaming the Russians for everything, it is the American people, the cattle that they are attempting to herd towards the slaughterhouse, that they fear. As long as we remain beyond their control we are their enemy. The cyber-threat now is no greater than it was four years ago but the threat to their establishment control is exponentially greater.

They are seeking to impose their control over the independent states just as they have already done in education, health care, marriage, taxes, wealth redistribution and as they are now doing through the corrupt DOJ, in law enforcement.

The threat they fear is Donald Trump and the American citizens, sovereigns who are demanding the return of their country. A Trump victory means prison sentences for most of those now in control as well as a loss of their ill-gotten wealth and power. They will do anything to prevent Trump from winning. The manipulation of votes by the organized crime syndicate that is running this nation is a certainty. All they need is the access that Jeh Johnson, the DHS troll, is asking for.

As Nancy Reagan recommended back in the 1982, the correct response to Johnson and his regime comrades is to “Just say no.” Whatever they want for America is bad for America. This is our last chance to peacefully preserve our nation. We cannot allow them to do to our elections what they just did to our Internet. Thankfully, traitors McConnell and Ryan are not part of this process. Those two scumbags are as bad as Johnson.


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