Despicable Abbott Labs Laid Off 200 Americans – Replaced With H1-B Visa Foreigners


Ted Cruz offered an amendment to the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill to increase the number of foreign H-1B visa holders allowed by five fold, claiming that there weren’t enough workers to fill available jobs. Of course that’s been proven to be a lie over and over again, with Disney, So Cal Edison and Toys R US having made bad names for themselves by forcing those they’ve terminated to train their replacements under the threat of losing their severance packages.

Just last week Intel laid off 12,000 American workers in favor of the foreign indentured slaves, and their action was quickly followed up by Abbott labs in Chicago, which last Friday laid off 200 Americans in favor of cheap foreign workers for whom Abbot holds the visas and full control over their lives. Pay them less and control every aspect of what enables them to work in America, it’s close to having a slave workforce, not something the American worker can or wishes to compete against.

One Abbot employee, who just identifies himself as Marco, didn’t accept the company’s hush money, choosing instead to tell the American people what happened to him and what is happening elsewhere across the country with the highly skilled Americans working in the STEM fields.

There is no shortage of American labor, that claim is ridiculous as those who are being hired are forcing a working American off of the employment roles. It’s economic and our traitorous representatives in both the House and Senate, with the exception of Senator Jeff Sessions, are selling us out for campaign contributions, bribes and other insider deals that can’t be so easily identified and traced.

Marco tells his story and there are another 199 whose situation is the same. They just needed the money more than the satisfaction of giving Abbot what they deserved.  Good for him.

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