Democrat Slavery – Black Americans Deceived, Manipulated


The orchestrated political insurgency is shifting into high gear, with plans for a “Democracy Spring” financed by billionaire anti-American puppet master George Soros next month and his continued violent disruption of the political process. Racist hate will surely play a prominent role in the Democrat plans as they have in the past, through the manipulation of black people and others under the Black Lives Matter organization, and others.

There are some black Americans who understand that the Democrat Party and the communists that permeate it are the problem. They recognize that slavery is still alive in America and that the slave masters are not generally the Republicans but their Democrat wolves in sheep clothing.

Alfonzo Rachel speaks to the issue of the Democrat institutionalized slavery and how they have convinced many black Americans that they are representing and fighting for them when in actuality the opposite is true. They are still operating the plantation and it is through short-term support at a slave level, made possible by the confiscation of the assets of others and its subsequent redistribution, that it is made possible. That is both socialism or the early stages of communism and slavery. They only get to keep the free rewards of slavery so long as they keep voting in their masters into the big house. If they lose power, the free ride is over, a ride to economic and social destruction.

Rachel compares being made to feel like a victim to comfort food for many blacks who have bought into the Democrat brainwashing. He doesn’t want government to take care of him. He’s his own man, who makes some excellent points and offers some spot on analogies.

The video, from last September, is even more timely and relevant today than it was when it was first relased. Things have gotten decidedly worse, by design of the Obama regime other interests, including Soros.  His message and warning to his fellow black Americans is that they are being herded and manipulated and the Democrats have them under their control. There is a lot here that much of black America would find useful – if they’re willing to listen.

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