Defense Secretary Carter Pitching Treasonous TPP In CFR Speech


Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is once again acting as a spokesperson for Hussein Obama, claiming to share his beliefs even when he knows better. Carter is a smart guy, a Rhodes Scholar. He knows climate change is a hoax and that TPP is a gunshot to the national gut. Still, he has steadfastly and obediently declared that “climate change,” is a serious concern. He’s also dutifully denying a real manmade threat, that of the TPP, to the American people. Once again, his heart-felt convictions are determined by the dictates of a big-eared foreign usurper and his world government comrades.

TPP is a regional government disguised as a trade deal that puts an international commission into a superior position over our Constitution. It also establishes a superior secret corporate judicial process that cannot be appealed and which is composed of elite globalist cronies. The US and other nations can be blackmailed and extorted based upon the threat of litigation in the secret court, even when their only offense is acting in the national interest. Our immigration system is also taken out of the sole jurisdiction of Congress, as established under our Constitution and made subject to the dictates of those same international bureaucrats.

Naturally, the communist Obama thinks those are all positives, as do the establishment sellout Republicans, Ryan, McConnell, Cornyn and Hatch. With Donald Trump threatening to put a damper on their little party with his America first policies, the globalists are posturing to make their move, probably in a lame duck session when cowardice and betrayal cannot be punished by an angry American public.

For anyone in government to support this treasonous mix of sweetheart foreign and corporate giveaways is despicable. For the Congressional leadership, the imposter ‘president’ and others including the Secretary of Defense, to lobby on its behalf is a betrayal of the American people; it is treachery of the highest order.

Carter adopts the infamous “hurry up and sign or all hell is going to break loose” approach that was successful in the Iran deal, Obamacare, and countless other anti-American initiatives protected by WWE style PR stunts to move agreements or legislation along, simulating a democratic process.  Carter says we must “buy before the end of his infomercial” or risk losing non-existent “wide-ranging” advantages in the region. The only ones gaining any advantages are the corporations who wrote the TPP. The American people are losers, big-time.

He made his statements Friday, not surprisingly, in a speech at the headquarters of global elitist operations, the Council on Foreign Relations. Sounding like an echo of the dire threat that the climate hoax presented until the earth suddenly healed with the signing of a preliminary agreement in Paris, Carter made the same type of dire predictions of what will happen if TPP isn’t approved.

He said, “Without TPP’s economic and strategic benefits the alternative is a regional economy with standards that don’t serve American interests, and one that’s carved up by lopsided, coercively negotiated, lower-standard deals.” All of those statements are false, but he’s preaching to the TPP choir.

Carter continued, “That’s why I’ve said that TPP is as strategically important to the rebalance as an aircraft carrier, and I strongly urge Congress to approve TPP this year.” Carter should focus on those aircraft carriers but instead he’s laying the capitulation foundation for Congress. We’ve seen this movie before.

He added, “The TPP will bind the United States more closely together with 11 other economies, and unlock economic opportunities for the United States and many of its allies and partners. And TPP will help reinforce the open and inclusive economic approach that has benefited so many in the Asia-Pacific.”  Not the United States, but other nations and the corporate vultures will benefit.

He claimed, “That’s why many of those countries are reaching out anew to the United States to uphold the rules and principles that have allowed the region to thrive.” It’s not upholding existing, prosperity-creating rules, it’s creating new rules, that create new winners or more greatly benefit the existing winners. It’s also not limited to eleven members; the entire world could join up if the other members vote by a majority to allow it. The only things that remain constant are the new, special interest-benefiting set of rules. They restrict some players while always favoring the globalists who wrote them.

The world government salesman said, “That’s why we support intensified regional diplomacy, not increased tensions, the threat of force, or unilateral changes to the status quo.” Our Secretary of Defense is telling us why the United States cowers in the face of threats under Obama. He says it’s because it’s good for business. That, in conjunction with melding individual nations into one global government, is what drives our foreign policy as much as anything.   In the end it comes down to the money and power just as it always does. America and the American people can pound sand.

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