DEADLY Politics: Vietnam War Veteran SHOT After Announcing His Choice For President

DEADLY Politics: Vietnam War Veteran SHOT After Announcing His Choice For President

Liberal “tolerance” rears it’s ugly head once again. 60 year old Cleveland resident, Paul Jones Jr., was hanging out at his local bar discussing politics with a friend when he noticed a man nearby was eavesdropping on the conversation.  Jones is an Air Force Vietnam War veteran and a hardcore supporter of Donald Trump.

“He butted in the conversation,” Jones said, speaking from his hospital bed. “The conversation wasn’t directed at him or to him.”

The stranger was enraged because Jones, a black man, wasn’t believing the liberal lies about Trump being a “racist”, and Jones was planning to vote for him.

The conversation got so out of control that the liberal exited the bar, went to his car to retrieve a gun and came back and SHOT Jones in the thigh.

Jones’ mother Latosca was  shocked to hear her son was shot over his support for the Republican candidate.

“I’m quite sure you have a lot of people having their own opinions. But that doesn’t mean you should hurt somebody because you have your own opinion,” she said.

Latosca understands why so many people support Trump.

“Donald Trump brought out a lot of things to people, opened their eyes to say what and who they wanted to vote for.”

Thankfully, Jones is now in stable condition, but this could have cost him his life.

This isn’t the first attack on Trump supporters by intolerant liberals.  Politics today are becoming dangerous and even deadly. Everyday Americans are scared to show their support for Trump because they fear being attacked. Many republicans won’t even put Trump magnets or bumper stickers on their car because they know their property will be vandalized.

The irony is, these same liberals demand “safe spaces” to protect them from WORDS they disagree with! Apparently, hundreds of Trump supporters who were physically assaulted at Trump rallies across the country don’t deserve protection.

The hypocrisy is astounding.



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