DEADLY Politics: Alleged TRUMP Supporter SHOOTS Ted Cruz’s Pastor 6 Times in Church Parking Lot

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Pastor Tim Remington was shot six times Sunday, just one day after Remington led a rally for presidential candidate Ted Cruz.  The shooter has been identified as  30-year-old Kyle Odom. Witnesses say Odom waited inside his car for Pastor Remington to end Sunday services before brazenly attacking the religious leader from behind outside the Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Remington was found with multiple gunshots wounds to the lung, head, hip and shoulder.

 “One of the bullets tried to enter the brain but stopped at the skull, one of the bullets busted his hip, one fractured his shoulder pretty bad, but he is and will continue to be alive and serving God!” Roger Crigger, a family friend, told the Spokesman Review.

Despite being shot six times, Remington  is expected to make a full recovery. Odem fled before authorities could reach the church parking lot. He is still on the run and authorities say he is armed and dangerous.

Many are claiming that Odem was a supporter of presidential candidate Donald Trump and he was upset that his Pastor led a rally for Cruz, although that has not been officially confirmed.

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Kyle Odem

Odom is a retired Flight Equipment technician with the U.S. Marines, according to his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Remington has been the head of the Altar Church for more than a decade. Multiple church members gather around the scene to pray for the Pastor and for the shooter.

“We just want to be here for everyone in our congregation. Be here for our pastor. We are going to go to the hospital and wait for the word to make sure he is okay,” said one church member.

“He opens his home to people. He takes them in and lets them live in his home. All the people society has turned their backs on, he reaches out to them.”

Remington started the Altar Church with his wife Cindy in the 90s. The couple have four children together. He is also the director of the Good Samaritan Rehabilitation facilities in Idaho, a program offering drug and alcohol counseling to adults.

How someone could attempt to kill such a goodhearted man is beyond me. I pray politics had nothing to do with this.




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