Cruz Missile Crashes and Burns in Cleveland

Cruz goes down in flames

It is not often that we as humble citizens stand in front of a true turning point in history, but tonight was such a night. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Constitutionalist or Independent, Wednesday night will go down in history as one of the most important moments in political history. You should have been there.

To understand what happened, you have to think back through the last year of political speeches, debates, and rhetoric. That year has seen a young senator from Texas enter the race for President at just about the same time as a businessman from New York. The Texan was quite spoken but didn’t pull any punches. In fact he proudly wore the title of “the most hated man in the Senate.” Meanwhile the businessman simply was called a “bumpkin” and a “joke” that none of the establishment or media took seriously.

Cruz goes down in flames

Cruz goes down in flames

In fact, the media made jokes of them both, while they struggled to build support and stand out in a crowd of 16 people trying to get the same job. At first the pair had a grudging friendship but that only lasted until they started running one and two in the polls. Around November, the gloves came off and the comments from them both became harsher and meaner.

By December, it was clear that the fight would be between these two men. Many of us even hoped that the future ticket would be one that featured Trump and Cruz together. But it soon became apparent that was not going to happen, because neither man would allow himself to be the follower. In fact, things got so bad that the GOP demanded that all the candidates sign a pledge that they would endorse and support whoever the eventual candidate was.

Then in May after losing several elections, Cruz finally pulled the plug, but refused to release his delegates. Finally he did the unthinkable, unable to accept that he had lost his attempt to be president being beaten by a newcomer, he fueled an insurgency to try to steal the nomination that he had failed to win. This led to even more bad blood between the two men.

All that finally came to a head tonight when, in an attempt to heal the party, the winner’s campaign offered a speaking role at the convention in “Prime Time.” But once again Ted Cruz could not accept that he had failed in his quest. Instead of releasing his delegates and urging them to support the nominee as he had pledged to do back in December, he chose to try and deepen the divide so he would get another chance in just four years.

The result, to put it mildly was not what he had expected. He took the podium to chants, cheers and applause, but after failing to live up to his word, he was literally booed off the stage by many of his own supporters. Here was a man that had the chance to help America heal and elect a president that truly loves the county, and he chose to squander that opportunity in favor of his personal ego needs.

Now Cruz has shown the world just what kind of man and politician he really is, and it is not a pretty

sight. The man that many of us thought was an honorable, faithful, caring person. One that only wanted what was best for the country, showed himself to be just another lying, disruptive, disloyal politician. By refusing to honor his pledge and accept the will of the electorate, he showed all Americans that we had in fact picked the right man for the job ahead, Donald Trump.

Lying Ted’s campaign launched like a Cruise Missile, running straight and true, headed right for the target like a bunker in Bagdad. But somewhere along the flight path something happened that knocked it off course. Now the man stands all alone, his career in shambles, his word, both personal and professional not worth the paper it is written on and many of his most ardent Texan supporters so upset that by their own words the only way they will ever vote for him again is if “he makes a statement saying that he wholeheartedly supports Donald Trump and wants all his supporters to vote for him and work to make sure Mr. Trump is elected”. It has now become a matter of Texas Honor, and they take it seriously.

©2016 R. L. Grimes

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