Cops ANGRY: Mayor Keeps BLM Banner On City Hall- What He Tells Them Is Unbelievable!

City hall with BLM banner

Cops ANGRY: Mayor Keeps BLM Banner On City Hall

“Take it down!” That was the chant heard at a rally outside the Somerville, Mass city hall on Thursday. Law enforcement officers and their supporters were protesting the continued display of a Black Lives Matter banner on the building’s facade.

Democratic Mayor Joe Curtatone, however, has turned a deaf ear to their voices. In fact, he has vowed that the removal will not happen on his watch. “That sign is not coming down,” he stated emphatically. Ironically, he made this promise while standing with police as guards on either side of him. Anybody else feel like coughing out the word hypocrite?

City hall with BLM banner

City hall with BLM banner

One of the unions represented was The Somerville Police Employees Association. The group’s president, Michael McGrath, made clear his feelings on the banner. “In the face of the continuing assassination of innocent police officers across the country … it is irresponsible of the city to publicly declare support…”

Mayor Curtatone doesn’t agree. He place the 4′ x 12′ banner on city hall last August and insists it stays. According to him, it helps bring to light the fact that “structural racism exists in society.” This paragon of common sense backed up his decision in a statement. “Too many people have died in a cycle of violence that needs to be stopped.”

Apparently, Curtatone feels that the banner hanging on police headquarters justifies the leaving up of this one. That banner was hung in support of the officers recently slaughtered. It reads: “In honor and remembrance.” Pictured on it is a badge with a black band across it. The ever-astute mayor said “Both of those banners are hanging for the same reason.”

Seriously? Do you have to fail an IQ test to qualify for his job?

The police union sent a formal request to the mayor last week. They asked that the banner be replaced by one that read “All Lives Matter.” The request was flatly denied. Evidently that saying “diminishes concerns about the killings of black men and boys at the hands of police.”

It would seem, however, that not all gag reflexes matter. Mine is currently being assaulted by this idiot politician and the group he so readily supports.

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