Cop Killer In Custody! The Standoff Is Over!

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Cop Killer In Custody!

The man who shot two law enforcement officers yesterday is now in police custody.

Billy Monroe Jones, 34, was arrested late yesterday. He holed up inside the mobile home in which he lived. More than a dozen police vehicles swarmed the scene. After a 5 hour standoff with sheriff’s deputies, he was apprehended.

Jones was prepared for the incident. He was wearing body armor when he was finally taken into custody. Officials are “looking into” the possibility that this was a planned attack. That was according to Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck.

Billy Monroe Jones in custody

Billy Monroe Jones in custody

Hollenbeck was careful not make any assumptions, though. “We have limited information as to why this has happened,” he explained.

Jones was scheduled to appear in court today for a different infraction. A hearing to decide whether a previous suspended sentence should be revoked was supposed to take place. Court records show that he was charged with gun possession after having been previously convicted of a felony. There was an additional charge possession of Oxycodone. That was in February.

Prior to that he had been arrested twice before. In 2007 Jones was convicted of manufacturing and possessing a controlled substance. In 2011 he had a conviction for theft of property.

Sheriff Hollenbeck stated that “Jones wanted to cause what was told to us as a ‘ruckus.'” Apparently Jones defines a “ruckus” as taking a life.

Of the two officers he shot during the incident, one is now dead. Hackett Chief of Police Darrell Spells got lucky. He was grazed in the forehead, but released after treatment. Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper, however, was shot in the neck and died.

 Deputy Bill Cooper, killed in the line of duty

Deputy Bill Cooper, killed in the line of duty

Cooper, a former US marine, had been on the police force for 15 years. Hollenbeck described him during a press conference. “He could’ve retired years ago. He loved this community so much he stayed on. He loved his job.” He praised Cooper’s service. “He was a perfect example of how we all want our law enforcement officers to be when it comes to relationships with our community.”

Hopefully, their jurors and judges will be just as good an example of how we all want our justice system to be when it comes to its relationship with cop killers.

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