Mysterious Clown Causing Spike In Coulrophobia Cases

pic: Joseph Birch

Mysterious Clown Causing Spike In Coulrophobia Cases

A mysterious clown has been spotted roaming the streets at night. Four black balloons in hand, he makes his way on foot through Green Bay, Wisconsin.

His costume is grimy. His makeup is creepy. His identity is unknown. His intent is unclear.


“Gags” the clown roaming at night

No one has, yet, been able to gain any information on the clown dubbed “Gags.” A Facebook fan page has been started. Residents post their photos of the nocturnal enigma. The first reported sighting was in the predawn hours of Monday, August 1.

Since then, there has been a spike in cases of Coulrophobia. That’s the scientific sounding name for “an irrational fear of clowns.” It’s not actually listed as a legitimate disorder with the world Health Organization. The American Psychiatric Association doesn’t officially recognize it either. However, the Green Bay police department is dealing with more than their fair share of it.

Complaint calls about the clown have been flooding in to their office. There’s just one catch. He isn’t doing anything wrong. Capt. Kevin Warych answered reporters questions about the calls. “This person is not breaking the law. He can walk in a clown costume anywhere he wants.”

There have not been any reports of “Gags” causing any actual problems. For that matter, no one has even interacted with him. So far, all the complaints stem straight from people being creeped out.

One thing about this whole clown situation is funny, though. The entire conundrum could probably be solved by someone simply speaking to him. Instead of grainy photos and whiny phone calls, a tiny conversation could lay the whole thing to rest.

Until somebody in Green Bay decides to man up, the clown will remain a mystery. Once the person and the purpose behind “Gags” are revealed, I’m sure we can all have a good laugh at the hysteria he caused.

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source: Fox News

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