Clinton Theatrical Performance Outside Chelsea’s Apt – “Proof” She’s Fit For Office


As she was leaving the apartment of her daughter and future Clinton Foundation racketeering defendant Chelsea Clinton, the espionage agent who wants to be president exhibited some odd behavior. While it is apparent that the effort was made to appear healthy and that necessitated that she try to go it alone, she seems reluctant to take more than a dozen or so abbreviated steps without stopping to steady herself.

She utilizes the safety and protective cover of the building up to the last possible moment, making a point of stopping and holding onto the doorman by shaking his hand. She then proceeds out to a safe distance where she can shout observations to the press and pretend to not hear questions she’d rather no answer.

She’s able to hear the question of “how are you feeling,” to which she responded, “I’m feeling great, feeling great.” The next question was one of those ugly ones she didn’t want to answer so she just stood there with her arms outstretched to her sides, palm up, and said, “It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

As Clinton provided the latest up to the minute weather report she acknowledged the peasants gathered with her familiar, open-mouthed, “I’m so thrilled to see you, just stay over there and I’ll wave” elite greeting. The supposedly pneumonia-infested candidate waved a little girl over though thankfully she wasn’t having one of her trademark coughing fits at the time. She dared not walk over to the girl, there’s all of those peasants over there and she wouldn’t want to trigger another seizure by having two of them talking to her at the same time. Better to stay out of reach, infect the little girl and wave like the sweet grandma that all of her followers blindly see.

After the photo Clinton raised her arm and did a 180, making a beeline for the SUV. She’s got the look of a drunk trying to perform a field sobriety test, trying to walk in a straight line without drawing attention to their inebriated condition. She similarly appears to realize she’s not quite pulling it off or is drifting off to the side. As a bail out, Clinton stops to get a fresh start, fabricating whatever excuse pops into mind as the reason for stopping.

Her  selective hearing came to the rescue, allowing a shouted question to penetrate and providing the needed pretext. Someone shouted “Madam Secretary, how are you feeling?” “Great, really great,” was her response, as she paused, got her bearings and continued on the long and treacherous journey to the SUV and mission accomplished.

There we have it, all the proof we need that Clinton is presidential material and fit to perform in that most demanding role. Her complicit Dr., Lisa Bardack, has assured us and we just saw her theatrical presentation. What more proof could we possibly need?

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