Clinton Returns To Original Lie, No Classified On Her Illegal Server – Insanity Defense?


What the heck is this corrupt, demonic little woman who wants to be president claiming now? Has she gone full circle and returned to the original lie that there was no classified information on her illegal home server and that she never used it to transmit classified information? Is she deliberately acting like she’s lost her marbles to set up an insanity defense?

Classified documents were found to have been stored there and they only got there by being transmitted in some form, physically removed from the secure system and loaded onto the unsecured. Many were manipulated to remove the markings. Their existence in that unsecured setting and their transmission are not in dispute. She has already acknowledged that fact with her lie about not understanding what the “C” meant.

How can she now be claiming, as her head noticeably bobs up and down in some weird, apparently involuntary motion, that the classified communications she engaged in illegally were done only on a secure system. She had only one email account and that was on the illegal, vulnerable and easily hacked system. Is she now getting to the point where she’s lied so much she literally can’t remember what her latest position is?

Is she going beyond hiding behind Colin Powell in attempting to implicate hundreds of other people within the State Department and perhaps elsewhere? She told a retired Navy pilot who asked her a question, “And what we have here is the use of an unclassified system by hundreds of people, in our government, to send information that was not marked. There were no headers. There was no statement, ‘top secret,’ ‘secret,’ or ‘confidential.’ I communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system.

So those hundreds of people were on Clinton’s illegal server with her? That’s difficult to believe. Is she lost in the web of lies or is it an offensive action, designed to confuse the issue by inserting a separate, non-related system that may or may not exist as some kind of justification for her own mishandling?

If other people transmitted on a separate system, they likely did so without transferring classified information off of a secure system first. If they didn’t, then they’re probably as guilty as her. Only, not having a last name of Clinton,  they will likely be prosecuted.

That brings us back to the man who asked the question, Veteran Lt. John Lester, who noted that he and anyone else who committed the espionage crimes she has would have already found themselves in prison. Clinton didn’t deny that to be the case, she just tried to justify her own reckless behavior. She failed.

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